13 Nov 2023

Iceland sees ‘significant likelihood’ of volcanic eruption amid thousands of earthquakes as residents flee
Some residents of the southwestern Iceland town of Grindavík were allowed to briefly return home Sunday to quickly gather essential belongings and pets left behind when evacuations were ordered amid thousands of earthquakes that have rattled the region and raised concerns that a volcanic eruption may be imminent.

Nicaragua Experiencing ‘Massive Move of God’ as Events Draw 650,000 so Far, Tens of Thousands Accept Christ

People all around the world need God. You can feel it. According to CBN News, Christian missionaries have witnessed a “massive move of God” in troubled Nicaragua, thousands of miles south of the U.S. border in the heart of Central America.

Scientists Want Meat Slapped With ‘Cigarette-Style’ Warning Label
A group of scientists is proposing government-mandated cigarette-style caution labels on meat packages that could read, “Warning: Eating meat contributes to climate change.” The anti-meat scientists, who falsely claim meat consumption is detrimental to health and the environment, began pushing for the labels after conducting a study at the UK’s Durham University.

Things in Chicago Are So Bad That Venezuelan Illegals Are Fleeing Back to Venezuela
When illegals from Venezuela want to leave the US to go back to their Marxist hellhole, that is a clear sign that things are really bad.

US to feed troops Japanese seafood amid Fukushima fears
The US government has agreed to buy Japanese seafood for its military to help mitigate the economic fallout from Japan’s decision to release radioactive wastewater from its destroyed Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant into the Pacific Ocean.

Billions Of DNA Fragments Found In COVID Vaccine: Bombshell Study
Molecular virologist David Speicher revealed in his recent bombshell study that he found billions of DNA fragments in the COVID vaccine.

Fentanyl-Laced Envelopes Sent by Antifa Terrorists to Election Offices Is Far More Sinister Than Most Believe
…the real story here is that whoever sent them telegraphed how they plan on disrupting upcoming elections. By “whoever sent them,” I mean that I’m not completely convinced this was Antifa. It has all of the right markers for Antifa domestic terrorists and their calls for “direct action,” but there’s one huge problem with that notion. They threatened ballot boxes which are far more beneficial to Democrats than Republicans.

Former Canadian agriculture minister says Trudeau’s order for grocery stores to lower prices will result in ’empty shelves’
Former federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz said Tuesday that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s demand that grocery stores create the means for lowering the price of food is a plan for “empty shelves.” “We import 50 percent of what we consume. And do you think [Trudeau] is going to put price controls on all the countries we import from? He can’t,” Ritz told The Post Millennial.

US Military Aircraft Crashes in Eastern Mediterranean Sea 
On Friday, a U.S. military aircraft experienced a mishap during training operations in the eastern Mediterranean and subsequently went down. The U.S. European Command (EUCOM) has confirmed the incident but has not released further information about the personnel involved out of respect for their families​.

San Francisco Somehow Manages to Remove Homeless and Clean Streets Ahead of Visit by China’s Communist Dictator Xi
China’s communist dictator Xi Jinping is set to visit San Francisco this week and the city has somehow finally managed to remove the homeless and clean up the streets. They won’t do this for the people who pay taxes and live in the city, but they’ll do it for Xi.

James Macpherson: Western politicians know what is happening and why it is happening but refuse to tell the public 
A sleepy west has suddenly woken up in a very dark alley with three big guys – Iran, Russia and China – who hate our guts, wondering how the hell we got here…War in the Middle East will send fuel prices soaring, weakening already weak European economies and thus helping Russia.  A US-Iran war means US resources, already deployed against Russia, will need to also be poured into the Middle East, leaving China to dominate the Pacific.

EXPOSED: The Great Reset, AI Revolution & ‘Global Boiling’: Unveiling the Secret Depopulation Plan – YOU are the Carbon Footprint they want to Eliminate
A chilling plan has been uncovered that should shock you to your very core. For decades, global powers have been orchestrating a depopulation strategy, hidden under the guise of public health crises, economic instability, and environmental concerns. Now, with the dawn of the AI revolution, fondly referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution by Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, the world faces an unsettling future.

Dr Peter McCullough: No one should take another Shot, COVID vaccines are not safe for Human use
Dr Peter McCullough recently gave a speech at the European Parliament during a hearing hosted by five Members of the European Parliament (“MEPs”).  The hearing was to raise awareness about the World Health Organisation’s (“WHO’s”) power grab. Dr. McCullough gave evidence of the enormous wave of harms the covid “vaccines” have caused.  There’s a false narrative that it’s COVID causing all these illnesses. Don’t fall for the false narrative. It’s the vaccines causing this enormous wave of illness, he said.

Wicked, Wicked Doctors put “climate change” above patients’ interests
Ahead of COP26 held in Glasgow in 2021, BMJ published an editorial which urged doctors to think less about the health of their patients and more about the health of the planet. The editorial claimed that medical treatment contributes significantly to “greenhouse gas emissions” and that this carbon footprint can be reduced if only “health professionals” can learn to reduce “overdiagnosis” and “overtreatment.”

The Globalist Vision: “15-Minute” Prison Cities And The End Of Private Property
…It is the culmination, the end game; a massive prison with no bars. A place where you are conditioned to grow accustomed to artificial limitations on privacy, no civil liberties, no private property, and no work options or mobility. You are tied to the land and the land is owned by the state (or corporation). If you want a historic comparison, the closest I can find is the feudal system of Medieval Europe.

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