16 Nov 2022

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Has Sent Out 300 Migrant Buses
Texas reached a major milestone last week after Gov. Greg Abbott (R), who handily won his election, announced the departure of the 300th migrant bus, headed to blue Chicago.

UK’s NHS Hires US ‘Spy-Tech’ Firm Palantir To Extract Patient Data Without Patient Consent
Palantir, with intimate ties to defense, intelligence and security industries around the world, is set to play an even larger role in the UK’s crisis-ridden National Health System (NHS).

Erin Go Britain? Ireland Considers Enacting a Bill Criminalizing the Possession of Hateful Material 
We recently discussed a troubling conviction in Great Britain of a man for his “toxic ideology.” Now Ireland appears ready to replicate that case a thousand fold. The proposed Criminal Justice (Incitement to Violence or Hatred and Hate Offences) Bill 2022 would criminalize the possession of material deemed hateful. It is a full frontal assault on speech and associational rights.

Tranny film for children called “Mama has a Mustache” sponsored by Bayer, producer of drug prescribed for feminizing males 
A pro-transgender propaganda film for children called Mama has a Mustache was sponsored by Bayer, a pharmaceutical company that produces drugs that are used to feminize men who identify as transgender.

Global Banking Conglomerates To Join With Federal Reserve Bank of New York To Conduct A 12-Week Digital Dollar Pilot Program 
Back in March, we told you how pretend president Joe Biden signed an Executive Order to set the table to create a United States Central Bank Digital Currency. Today comes the announcement that the New World Order is sending representatives from assorted global banking conglomerates to begin as 12-week pilot program at the Federal Reserve of New York. What does all this mean? It means we just got another giant step closer to the biblical Mark of the Beast which will control all financial transactions.

As Russian Missile Fall In Poland Killing 2 People, Will It Trigger NATO’s Article 5 Provisions That Authorizes An Allied Attack Against Putin’s Forces?
As Russia pounded Ukraine with a series of fresh and aggressive missile strikes, two of those rockets went astray, landing in Poland and killing two people. According to the NATO charter, member nations would now be 100% justified in moving against Russia with military action. The only question is, does NATO have the appetite for world war with Russia? We are about to find out. The fact that this is happening during the G-20 Summit is wonderfully coincidental timing, to say the least.

BREAKING: Clinton-Appointed Judge Blocks US From Expelling Illegal Aliens Under Title 42 Policy
A federal judge on Tuesday blocked Title 42 – a Trump-era order blocking asylum seekers at the US border. Title 42 was used by President Trump in 2020 to expel migrants seeking asylum during the Covid pandemic.

October’s Border Arrests Are The Third Highest In U.S. History
Despite a general lack of concern among Democrats and corporate media, the U.S.-Mexico border continues to spiral out of control, setting new records for illegal border crossings nearly every month now.

The Biggest Story In America Right Now Should Be The Incestuous Connection Between The Democrat Party, Aid To Ukraine And FTX Crypto Donations To The DNC 
The main stream media is doing their best to not talk about the stunning apparent connection between the Democrats sending billions in ‘aid’ to Ukraine, Ukraine sending boatloads of cash to FTX Crypto, and FTX sending to much money to the Democrat Party that they are second only to George Soros as the largest donor. If this was happening to the Republican Party, it would already be a 5-part miniseries on Netflix.

Australian government says vaccine risk too high for people under 30
Australian government says vaccine risk too high for people under 30. “In males aged 16-40 years, it is uncertain whether the risk following COVID-19 remains higher than the risk following vaccination,” the government said.

Remember, Remember The 15th of November?! Latest Events and What’s Possibly Next
Remember, Remember The 15th of November?! Latest Events and What’s Possibly Next

Church Leaders Call Out Globalists’ Plans
“What we’ve just seen in England is a globalist coup d’etat.  The globalists … have operated a skilful manoeuvre by which they have got their puppets into power, the puppets they want in power.” These were the words of Bishop Richard Williamson during a sermon at the end of October:

Australia’s Banks have introduced a Social Credit System by linking Publics transactions to their Carbon Footprint
Banks that turn green, yes, but at what cost? Commonwealth Bank, an Australian bank also known as CBA, that already refuses to allow its clients to support The Expose, has teamed up for the first time with CoGo, a startup that specializes in “carbon management solutions”, to create a feature that monitors the carbon footprint of its customers through their transactions.

PfizerGate: Official EU Data proves Thousands are dying every week due to COVID Vaccination with Europe suffering 300k Excess Deaths in 2022, making it a record-breaking year in terms of Deaths
Mortality figures published by 27 countries across Europe reveal that the continent has suffered nearly 300,000 excess deaths so far this year. Officially making 2022 a record-breaking year in terms of death. Every single age group, including children, has suffered more deaths by week 44 of 2022 than it did by week 44 of 2020, a year that saw extreme waves of alleged Covid-19 deaths.

LETHAL INJECTIONS: 18% of Cattle DIE Immediately Following mRNA ‘Vaccination’
…Believe it or not, cattle are reportedly now getting jabbed with the stuff, which in a recent mass “vaccination” campaign of an Australian herd resulted in 35 of the 200 animals dying immediately.

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