17 May 2023

More than a month’s worth of rain within 5 days floods parts of Croatia 
Extremely heavy rains hit parts of Croatia over the past 6 days, dropping as much as 300 mm (11.8 inches) in just 2 days and causing widespread floods, most notably in the towns of Gračac and Obrovac. Forecasters predict further downpours in the coming days, exacerbating the already severe conditions.

Satellite images following Cyclone Mocha show stunning scope of vast devastation
The striking photos were taken on Monday above Sittwe, the area where Cyclone Mocha made landfall, and were compared to those that were taken on Feb. 17. Monday’s images show significant damage to buildings and infrastructure caused by the powerful storm.

Damaging winds, tornadoes cross Appalachians, mid-Atlantic on Tuesday
A summerlike pattern brought thunderstorms and heavy rain across the central and southern Appalachians and parts of the mid-Atlantic on Tuesday. Strong to severe storms, associated with wind damage, isolated large hail and a few tornadoes, fired up during the peak heating of the day and slowly settled down well after sunset.

Chinese Fifth Column USA
When the winds of war are blowing as they are now, it is essential to recognize new developments and extraordinary activities by the enemy.

LGBTQInfant: Target Releases LGBTQ Clothes for Babies, Kids 
Talk about being way off target. Retail giant Target has a new line of pro-LGBTQ clothing for children—even for infants. In case, you know, your six-month-old makes the mature decision to become transgender.

Biden Considering Anti-Israel Activist Susie Gelman for Ambassador to Israel 
Ambassadors to Israel tend to be hostile to Israel because they either come out of the State Department’s Middle Eastern professional class or worse, Democrat donors and apparatchiks who are “interested” in Israel.

Left-wing German government pushes for 250,000 Kenyan immigrants amid migration crisis
The German government is working on an agreement to allow 250,000 Kenyan migrants to enter the country and fill a shortage of skilled workers.

NYC to ban weight discrimination as critics warn it will allow people ‘to sue anyone and everything’
A controversial bill protecting fat people from weight discrimination has been passed in New York City.

Most COVID-19 Deaths May Be The Result of a Completely Different Infection
A new analysis suggests that a high percentage of people who required help from a ventilator due to a COVID-19 infection also developed secondary bacterial pneumonia. This pneumonia was responsible for a higher mortality rate than the COVID-19 infection.

China’s spy balloon could be 120ft helium-powered airship equipped with snooping tools
The Pentagon’s rejection of China’s claim that a balloon detected floating over nuclear sites in the US is a ‘civilian’ airship raises further questions about its surveillance capabilities.

Corporate media BAFFLED as to why “Brits are dying in their tens of thousands” – could it be covid jabs? 
…The Mirror, a British tabloid, reported that Brits “are dying in their tens of thousands,” but that “we don’t really have any idea why.” They are simply baffled, they say, while making no mention whatsoever of the covid injections that most Brits and Westerners either chose or were forced to take as part of the covid psy-op.

Common Currency on Agenda for South African BRICS Summit
The creation of a BRICS currency will be one of the main topics up for discussion when the group of five emerging nations – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa — meet in Johannesburg in August, South African officials said this week.

New York to Track Residents’ Food Purchases and Place ‘Caps on Meat’ Served by Public Institutions 
New York City will begin tracking the carbon footprint of household food consumption and putting caps on how much red meat can be served in public institutions as part of a sweeping initiative to achieve a 33% reduction in carbon emissions from food by 2030.

VIDEO: 1K Attend Kirk Cameron Read Aloud at Billy Graham Library
Nearly 1,000 people joined Franklin Graham along with actor and author Kirk Cameron for two sold out readings of his children’s book Saturday at the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina.

American Heroes Abandoned: Homeless Veterans Displaced by Democrats to Make Way for Armies of Migrants
The mistreatment of veterans in New York mirrors the displacement of citizens in Europe to accommodate refugees.

Colonized Belgium: Yemeni YouTuber Visits Brussels and Discovers It Has Become a ‘Muslim Country’ 
While globalists argue that the notion of the “Great Replacement” is a mere right-wing conspiracy theory, the statistics paint a different reality.

Is the UK sending military equipment to enrich the oligarchs who own Ukraine?
…After what seems to be a threat of terrorist actions against Europeans by the Zelensky regime, the UK and Germany are rushing once again to Zelensky’s aid.  But it gets worse.  It seems oligarchs are well on their way to owning Ukraine with the major shareholder being Blackrock. So, in reality, who are the UK and Germany supporting?

Neurosurgeon admits COVID Vaccination can severely damage the Brain & cause Cancer
Retired American neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock recently gave an in-depth presentation on the  The doctor shared shocking discoveries about neurological damage, cancer rates, cardiac arrest and other exacerbating health issues as well as their connection to mRNA technology.

BREAKING: NHS Director confirms Doctors lied about Cause of Death to create the Illusion of a COVID-19 Pandemic
Before Covid arrived on the scene, there were four types of pneumonia which when added together amounted to the highest cause of death in the UK.  And according to a Director of End-of-Life Care, the newly implemented Medical Examiner System to certify deaths during the alleged pandemic meant Medical Examiners were falsely certifying these pneumonia deaths as Covid-19 deaths. And by doing so they were creating the illusion of a deadly pandemic in the public eye.

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