19 Mar 2023

At Least 13 Dead After 6.7 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Ecuador and Northern Peru
On Saturday, a 6.7 magnitude earthquake in southern Ecuador and northern Peru has left at least 13 people dead with others trapped under rubble.

Cyclone Freddy broke records and ravaged countries. How does the healing begin? 
Cyclone Freddy, which battered southeast Africa over the past month, broke all kinds of meteorological records. The U.N.’s weather agency is currently accessing whether it is the longest cyclone ever recorded – lasting at least 36 days. And it’s already broken the record for all-time accumulated cyclone energy in the Southern Hemisphere, a measure of the storm’s strength over time, beating the previous record set by Cyclone Fantala in 2016.

Utah Mom Unloads On School After Her Daughter Was Given “Gross” Bugs to Eat for “Climate Change” Project
A Utah mom is speaking out after her daughter’s middle school her daughter and the other students were given insects to eat as part of an English assignment on climate change last week.

Experts Tell Congress ‘Green’ Wind Turbines in Atlantic May Impair Ship Radar, Threatening National Security
A panel of experts testifying to members of Congress at an in-district hearing in Wildwood, New Jersey, on Thursday warned that offshore wind projects actively promoted and subsidized by state and national Democrats could greatly interfere with radar and navigation in the Atlantic Ocean, creating a national security threat.

1 million guns sold every month for 43 straight months!
February saw a continuation of the trend of Americans buying firearms, with the 43rd straight month of gun sales exceeding one million.

Conquered: Left-Wing German Officials Inaugurate Street Signs in Arabic
These seemingly small concessions, such as Arabic street signs, are strategic wins in Islam’s larger battle to Islamize all of Europe.

Iowa makes 7. Seven states bail from sinking ship ERIC.
Friday night, March 17, the Iowa Secretary of State issued a quiet Tweet: “My office will be recommending resigning our membership from ERIC (Resolution to Terminate Membership in the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) .”

Donald Trump Urges His Followers To Get Out And Protest After He Is Arrested On Tuesday As New York City DA Launches Indictment Against Him 
Hey kiddies, grab a fresh tub of popcorn, a frosty-cold bottle of pop, and pull up a seat as the curtain rises on the next installment of Great Reset Theater. In this episode, the enemies of former president Donald Trump arrest him in dramatic style on Tuesday, put him in the handcuffs he always said Hillary would be taken away in, and he is arrested on very weak ‘hush money’ charges. Trump himself posted that this was happening on Tuesday, and it very likely is.

AI Gods & ChatGPT religions are coming – they will be better than human priests & they could turn evil, warns experts
INTELLIGENT AI robots are coming – and they will have the ability to perform religious ceremonies and could even turn against humans, experts have warned.

IT WAS ALL A LIE: How you were tricked into taking part in a Deadly Experiment that killed Millions through Midazolam Poisoning & COVID Vaccination 
The world was thrown into chaos when a new virus, Covid-19, was declared a pandemic by the government. Fear propaganda was broadcasted non-stop on television and radio, all paid for by the government and they used the pandemic as an excuse to pass laws that restricted civil liberties and bribed the public with furlough payments to not go to work.

The world is being split into two and NATO wants war with Russia
World War III is building up. Neither the USA nor its NATO partners want peace. Their solitary aim is to destroy Russia. The war in Ukraine has very little to do with Ukraine. It is destroying the economies, lives and resources of the US, the UK and the EU and Russia. The solitary winner is China.

Biden HHS Official Rachel Levine Says Changing Kids’ Genders Will Soon be Normalized
For some reason, Democrats have latched on to the issue of transgenderism, especially with children. They seem absolutely determined to make this common, no matter how much the public objects to it. It’s not even enough for them to just allow the issue to sort itself out among the people, they clearly want to use the power of government to force it on the public.

Contracts Prove CDC Bought Phone Data To Monitor Lockdown Compliance 
In a move that seems to have come straight from George Orwell’s 1984, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) purchased data from cellphone tracking companies to monitor Americans’ compliance with lockdowns. According to the CDC’s contracts, one firm was paid $420,000, and another was paid $208,000 for cell phone location data for 55 million users.

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