2 Jun 2022

Shallow M6.1 earthquake hits Sichuan, China 
A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the China Earthquake Networks Center as M6.1 hit the province of Sichuan, China at 09:00 UTC (17:00 LT) on June 1, 2022. The agency is reporting a depth of 17 km (10 miles). USGS and EMSC are reporting it as M5.9 at a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles).

The Green World Order: Efforts to Cease the Use of Crude Oil Could Be the Greatest Threat to Civilisation’s Eight Billion People
The rise of the Green World Order that will be addressed at the Stockholm+50 needs to address the impact on the world’s 8 billion residents in a future world without fossil fuels as efforts to cease the use of crude oil could be the greatest threat to civilisation’s eight billion, and may result in billions, not millions, of fatalities from diseases, malnutrition, and weather-related deaths trying to live without the fossil fuels that are benefiting society, wrote Ronald Stein

3 Reasons why CHICKEN prices are set to rise across the world 
Chicken is one of the most ubiquitous proteins people consume around the world. However, its price is set to increase due to several factors – which translates to higher prices for food items such as buffalo wings and fried chicken. Here are three reasons why chicken prices will soar.

California Spills Water into Ocean rather than letting Farmers Grow Rice 
Colusa County in Northern California is the top producer of rice in the Sacramento Valley. Colusa County historically produces more than 150,000 acres of rice in a normal year. But in 2022, Colusa officials say they will only be able to produce a fraction of their usual rice crop, costing rice farmers, workers and suppliers hundreds of millions of dollars.

Doctor gave Covid-19 shot to hundreds of kids as young as six months old 
A Toronto doctor is facing no professional discipline after admitting to giving the Covid-19 vaccine to at least 500 kids as young as six months old, despite the shot not being approved for children under the age of five.

AstraZeneca vaccine may increase risk of serious neurological condition
The AstraZeneca vaccine may increase the risk of the serious neurological condition Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) with the jab’s Trojan horse delivery system possibly to blame, scientists believe, in a discovery which may apply to similar vaccines.

Collapse in population of mammals and birds is now impairing the ability of plants to migrate via seed dispersal
Over 50 percent of plant species rely on animals for seed dispersal. According to a study published in the journal Science, the ability of animal-dispersed plants to adapt to changing conditions and migrate across the landscape has been reduced by as much as 60 percent because of the loss of mammals and birds that help these plants adapt to environmental change.

“Greatest Fraud in History”: Doctors Sue Federal Government Over COVID Vax 
America’s Frontline Doctors, a group of medical professionals who work to promote early COVID-19 treatments and to expose the influence of pharmaceutical companies on federal decision-making, is suing the U.S. government over the COVID vaccination campaign. The latter is called by the plaintiffs “the greatest fraud in the history of the world.”

WHO partners with German telecom company to create global COVID-19 vaccine passport app 
The World Health Organization (WHO) has partnered with German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom to create a global Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine verification app.

Biden Regime to Cut Food Funding to Schools That Won’t Go Along With Radical Trans Bathroom Policy
Starving plebs into submission is back on the menu.
From The Daily Caller, “If Schools Don’t Let Boys Into Girls’ Bathrooms, Biden Will Take Their Lunch Money”:

US military caught deceitfully administering EUA Pfizer jab for covid instead of FDA-approved COMIRNATY 
A copy of an internal email data May 25, 2022, suggests that the United States military is not operating above-board when it comes to administering Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” in accordance with the law.

Globalists move into the KILL PHASE of human extermination
Globalists are now shifting into their “kill phase” of human extermination, abandoning all their previous strategies of trying to hide their true intentions. Now they openly talk of cutting off energy to humanity, starving people to death with food supply disruptions, resetting the global currencies to plunge humanity into poverty and achieving depopulation through the use of vaccines and deadly medications.

CDC just issued Level 2 travel alert on monkeypox; Level 3 coming in June and will likely restrict travel of Americans 
Just as many predicted would happen, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is ratcheting up the fear over monkeypox, which appears to be the globalists’ next plandemic.

 America, Meet Your New Dictator-in-Chief: The President’s Secret, Unchecked Powers
As the New York Times reports, “Newly disclosed documents have shed a crack of light on secret executive branch plans for apocalyptic scenarios—like the aftermath of a nuclear attack—when the president may activate wartime powers for national security emergencies.” The problem, of course, is that we have become a nation in a permanent state of emergency.

ANOTHER fire devastates Minnesota chicken farm, killing tens of thousands of chickens that provide eggs for the food supply 
Almost unbelievably, yet another food facility in the United States was burned to the ground over Memorial Day weekend.

Chimpanzee mother treats a wound on her son with an insect, while human mothers are spotted poisoning their babies with GMOs  
Evolutionary biologists studying chimpanzees for seven long years in the Loango National Park, on the Atlantic coast of Africa, have witnessed something extraordinary as the chimps used primitive forms of medicine to treat each other’s wounds.

One Day After Biden Announces Plans To Send Missiles To Ukraine, Russia Begins Holding Drills For Their Nuclear Forces As Showdown Draws Ever Closer
Vladimir Putin very much wants the United States to enter into the conflict, and pretend president Joe Biden’s latest blunder edges us closer to that scenario becoming reality. Having giving Ukraine $53 billion dollars without hardly any oversight, now the Biden administration has announced they will be arming Ukraine with an advanced missile system. Putin’s response? Massive nuclear drills.

Pope Francis appoints pro-LGBT, anti-Latin Mass cardinals to Vatican liturgy office 
Pope Francis has made a number of appointments to the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, including certain prominently anti-Traditional cardinals such as Blaise Cupich and Kevin Farrell.

‘Enriched’ Switzerland: Pro-Palestinian Muslim Migrants Burn Bible, Salute Hitler
Hoping to insight pro-Israeli onlookers, they burned a Bible and shouted threats and antisemitic slurs while waving Palestinian flags. On May 19, 2022, in Bern, Switzerland, Muslims held a controversial anti-Israel demonstration approved by the police. Unfortunately, the pro-Palestinian and pro-Hilter Muslims turned violent during the protest. Hoping to incite pro-Israeli onlookers, they burned a Bible and shouted threats and antisemitic slurs while waving Palestinian flags.

As Food Becomes Scare, Rents Explode And Gas Prices Skyrocket, Is The Coming Collapse The Result Of Incompetence Or Is It Build Back Better? 
Welcome to Phase IV of Build Back Better, the Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, if this was an episode of ‘Friends’ it would be called the one where the New World Order collapses America by operating through the Trojan horse they installed as the pretend president.

Conquered: EU Trains Journalists on ‘Inclusiveness and Preventing Gender Islamophobia’
“Be inclusive,” “avoid mentioning race and religion,” and “remember that women may prefer to wear the hijab”… The European Union has funded a new project, MAGIC (Muslim women and communities Against Gender Islamophobia in soCiety) which will train journalists across Europe on “Inclusiveness and Preventing Gender Islamophobia.”

Report: BBC Changed Victim’s Statement So As Not To ‘Misgender’ Her Trans Rapist
“The woman referred to her alleged rapist as ‘him’ but insiders said that her words were changed to avoid ‘misgendering’ the abuser in an article on the corporation’s website,” the report adds. The report clarifies that wherever the words “he” or “him” were used by the woman, the BBC changed the language to “they” or “them”.

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