20 Sep 2022

Very strong M7.6 earthquake hits Colima-Michoacan bordered region, hazardous tsunami waves possible, Mexico 
A very strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M7.6 hit the Colima-Michoacan border region, Mexico at 18:05 UTC on September 19, 2022. The agency is reporting a depth of 15 km (9 miles). EMSC is reporting M7.6 at a depth of 25 km (15 miles).

7 sacred songs performed at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral
Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-serving monarch of the United Kingdom, was honored with a full state funeral Monday at Westminster Abbey followed by a procession to Windsor Castle for a committal service at St. George’s Chapel where she will be laid to rest in the royal vault.

Hurricane “Fiona” makes landfall in Puerto Rico, causing widespread flooding and massive power outages
Category 1 Hurricane “Fiona” made landfall along the extreme southwestern coast of Puerto Rico near Punta Tocon at 19:20 UTC on September 18, 2022, with maximum sustained winds of 140 km/h (85 mph) and a minimum central pressure of 986 hPa.

Moscow clarifies ‘red line’ for US
If Washington supplies Kiev with longer-range missiles, Russia will defend its soil with “all means available”

Giant homeless encampments set to explode across US; Organized Retail Criminals (ORCs) unleash coordinated mass thefts and violence
Worsening inflation (stemming from endless fiat currency money printing) is causing food, energy and housing to become unaffordable for millions of Americans, putting them on a trajectory of homelessness and destitution.

Funeral Embalmer: 85% of Dead Bodies Now Have Strange Blood Clots Since COVID Vaccine Roll-outs
Some of the strongest evidence that the COVID-19 vaccines have caused crippling injuries and huge numbers of deaths in the vaccinated population have come from funeral home directors who have reported huge spikes in deaths in their business that correlate with the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccines and mandates.

Why Are Walmart And Other Major US Retailers Canceling Billions Of Dollars In Orders As Summer Comes To An End?
Do they know something that they aren’t telling us?  As you will see below, Walmart, Target and other major U.S. retailers are literally canceling billions of dollars in orders ahead of the coming holiday season.  I have never heard of such a thing happening before, and under normal conditions it wouldn’t make any sense at all.  The holiday season is typically the busiest time of the year for retailers, and at this time in 2021 there was actually a great deal of concern that there wouldn’t be enough inventory due to global supply chain problems.  But now everything has changed.  All of a sudden major retailers are feverishly canceling orders, and this would only make sense if a severe economic downturn was imminent.

Inflation Has Plenty More In Store For Equities
Inflation isn’t done rattling investors, leaving some sectors at risk of further downside as monetary tightening ramps up and recession risks mount. But not all sectors are necessarily losers.

World Health Organization no longer cares about the health of Children & is endangering them by manipulating Scientific Studies – The Expose
Vaccine safety protocols are deplorable. There exists no independent verification that vaccines are safe before distribution to children.

Doctors call for end to Vaccine Mandates in Healthcare after deaths of at least 32 Canadian Doctors due to COVID Vaccination 
As of 3 September, Dr. William Makis had identified 32 young Canadian doctors who “died suddenly” in the past 16 months.  The doctors were fully Covid “vaccinated.”

ICAN obtains Court Order demanding CDC release secret COVID Vaccine Adverse Events Data obtained in ‘V-Safe’ Program 
After months of litigation, a U.S. court has ordered that, by the end of this month, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) must produce the first batch of over 19 months’ worth of data collected from tens of millions of v-safe participants during the Covid-19 vaccination program.

Government figures confirm male Teen Deaths increased by 53% in 2021 following COVID Vaccination & the Death spikes correlate with the uptake of each dose

An investigation of UK Government data has revealed that there was a 53% increase in deaths deaths due to all causes among male teens aged 15-19 in the UK during 2021 after they were offered the Covid-19 injection.

Pfizer accidentally proves original COVID Vaccine destroys the Immune System after publishing Study for new Omicron Jab
We have been sold an antivaccine as a vaccine. Official Government and Pfizer statistics prove that the “old” Pfizer COVID injection destroys the immune system at a rate greater than 1% per day.

Russia Publicizes Beijing’s Supportive Statement, While China’s State Media Keeps Silent
Li’s statement this time was not a public statement either; it was behind closed doors. I guess Li did not expect Russia to make it public.

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