Power of Preterism

Zion’s Fire & Revelation 14

Recently, in a ‘prove all things’ manner, I decided to pick up an issue of Zion’s Fire (I am in extreme disagreement with the premillennial dispensationalism that is fostered by said magazine yet in continues to show up in my mailbox due to BPBC’s previous support). I read through the July – August 2019 issue, namely the article highlighted on…

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Reponse to Sam Frost on John 11 25 -26

Sam Frost is a former full preterist. He left full preterism a few years ago and returned to futurism. Since that time, he has become a self-styled champion opponent of the full preterist view. In discussions on Facebook, we have sparred back and forth on the doctrine of the resurrection. Recently, he posted to his blog, and shared the link…

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