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Courageous Preachers Serve as the Nation’s Conscience

The following article, Courageous Preachers Serve as the Nation’s Conscience, was first published on The American Vision. The following article was written by Rev. Mark H. Creech of the Christian Action League and is used here by permission. More than thirty years ago, Christian author, W. Phillip Keller, in his book, Predators in our Pulpits, wrote an indictment of most preachers today.…

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Open Letter To Mel Gibson and Two Movie Proposals – 1. “AD 70 / The Parousia” and 2. “The Armageddon Conspiracy”

  Dear Mr. Gibson, My name is Michael Sullivan and I am a Christian Full Preterist author and apologist. I am anticipating your film “Rothchild” and this indicates to me that may understand the destructive nature of modern Zionism in all of its various forms. Below are two movie proposals/plots that are designed to counter not just the false vies…

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The Last of the Last Hour

The Last of the last hour clearly answers the question of the end times events in the Bible, particularly the resurrection, the Messianic temple, the coming of the eternal kingdom of God and the parousia. The Lord and the apostles’ testimony combine to show how critically new the hour of crisis was for those living in the first century generation.…

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