Rod MacArthur

Faith or Fear

Faith or Fear? by Rod MacArthur “We walk by faith, not by sight” (2 Cor. 5:7) Alarming news stories come at us like quadraphonic sound: TV, Radio, Newspapers, even on our Smartphones (maybe especially there). The panic of the panicked seems intense and genuine; it claws frantically at our minds, trying to pull us into fretful living. I heard today…

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The Promise Keeping God- #4

THE GOD WHO KEEPS HIS PROMISES #4 Skeptics see the problem. Unbelieving Jews and Moslems see the problem, and use it against Christianity. Yet, by and large, the Christian community tries to ignore it, or offers lame explanations that even casual readers of the Bible can see are false. It is amazing how many good, sincere believers really do not…

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American Vision

Leftist Journalist Attacks Evangelicals for “Crippling … Coronavirus Response.”

The following article, Leftist Journalist Attacks Evangelicals for “Crippling … Coronavirus Response.”, was first published on The American Vision. Leftist are at it again. They are trying to make Christians a scapegoat for all that’s bad in the world. The latest attempt is by Katherine Stewart, the author of The Power Worshippers: Inside the Dangerous Rise of Religious Nationalism. She…

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“Healing” – Evangelism -in the New Creation?- Guest Article

Healing- And Evangelism- in the New Creation Guest Article by Dr. Dallas Burdette Just recently the issue of evangelism in the New Creation came up. Several former preterists, including Sam Frost denied that there is evangelism in the New Creation. However, those who believe, like me, cited Revelation 21-22, where the nations outside the New Jerusalem come into the city…

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