Month: July 2022

1 Aug 2022

Powerful earthquake swarm near Fagradalsfjall volcano, Aviation Color Code raised to Yellow, Iceland A powerful earthquake swarm started at Krísuvík volcano, just northeast of Fagradalsfjall and a short distance north of Fagradalshraun lava field, on July 30, 2022, at a depth of about 5 to […]

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Ukraine news latest: Putin’s chilling threat to US as he warns 7,000mph doomsday missiles can crush all Russian enemies

Putin’s top official rushed to hospital in ‘suspected poisoning’ A Vladimir Putin official has been rushed to hospital in a “suspected poisoning” months after fleeing Russia in protest over the war in Ukraine. Anatoly Chubais was put into intensive care after complaining about numbness in […]

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The New Age Of Orwellianism

The New Age Of Orwellianism Authored by Josh Hammer via The Epoch Times, Community organizer and left-wing social activist Saul Alinsky wrote, in his 1971 book “Rules for Radicals,” that “he who controls the language controls the masses.” Alinsky, whose work profoundly influenced at least […]

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"Give Up Your Yacht Before Lecturing": Bolsonaro Sinks DiCaprio In Titanic Twitter Thread

“Give Up Your Yacht Before Lecturing”: Bolsonaro Sinks DiCaprio In Titanic Twitter Thread Brazilian President Jair Bonsonaro gave Leonardo DiCaprio a lecture in hypocrisy, telling the virtue-signaling actor that he should ‘give up his yacht before lecturing the world‘ about the environment. Of note, in […]

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