Month: February 2023

‘I was shocked’: Man finds previously unseen photo from day of JFK assassination hidden at thrift shop

A Texas man found a historical photo from one of the darkest days in American history. George Rebeles wasn’t expecting memorabilia of a president’s assassination when he purchased a copy of Bachman-Turner Overdrive’s “The Anthology” from Souls Harbor Thrift Store in Ferris, Texas, in November. […]

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I’m plus-size – body-shamers call me ‘fat’ like I don’t know but I just don’t care, I love crop tops and sexy cut-outs

ONE woman owns her plus-size body and doesn’t care when people comment on it. The body-confident creator will wear what makes her feel good, including crop tops and sexy cut-outs. 4 Plus-size YouTuber Stella Williams called out body-shamers for their hateful commentsCredit: Youtube/@StellaWilliams 4 She […]

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