Month: October 2023

1 Nov 2023

M5.6 earthquake in Jamaica’ Hope Bay leads to building collapse and emergency service strain A shallow earthquake registered by the Earthquake Unit of the University of West Indies as M5.6 hit Hope Bay, Jamaica at 15:57 UTC (10:57 LT) on October 30, 2023. The agency is reporting […]

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Getting Into Reits

Real estate investing is a fantastic way to generate wealth by purchasing or procurment property just like houses, condo buildings, and commercial spaces. The underlying advantage value of this property generally increases after some time, and rental income can provide significant profits for investors. In […]

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Advertising Insights

Whether they are driven simply by customer feedback, marketplace data evaluation or channel-specific metrics, good marketers work with insights to drive all their marketing strategies. They are to uncover consumer insights that will furnish meaningful analytics to guide these people toward the most effective tactics, […]

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Gazans Face ‘Daunting’ Task Of Finding Water As Bombs Fall, Disease Spreading

Via Middle East Eye, Weeks after Israel followed through with its threat to cut water supplies to Gaza, Palestinians living in the besieged territory are struggling to survive without the basic necessities. Residents of the area currently being bombarded by Israeli warplanes told Middle East Eye that obtaining water has become a […]

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