Month: December 2023

I’m a car expert – save money at the dealership by saying no to specific add-on – it won’t affect your trade in value

A CAR-buying mentor reckons you can save big money – by shunning specific add-ons. Caving in to pressure from pushy salespeople will never boost trade-in values later on, she added. 2 The self-described “car mama” warned that spending big on extras at the dealership won’t […]

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Elle King sparks concern as she ‘drunkenly’ stumbles through ‘cringe’ live NYE performance as fans say she’s ‘wasted’

ELLE King has sparked concern from fans after they watched her recent performance. The country music singer performed on New Year’s Eve Live: Nashville’s Big Bash on Sunday night. 1 Fans share their concern for Elle King after watching her recent performanceCredit: CBS After her […]

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