22 Nov 2022

NY Times Takes Rare Look At Apparent Ukrainian War Crimes
Video evidence reveals 10 surrendered Russian soldiers were likely shot dead at close range…

Trump, Babylon Bee back on Twitter; Christian Post still banned 
Donald Trump is back — at least on Twitter. The former president is one of several high-profile accounts that were reinstated by Twitter, along with The Babylon Bee, Dr. Jordan Peterson and Kathy Griffin, among others.

UMC pastor files complaint against election of openly gay bishop 
A United Methodist Church pastor has filed a complaint against the UMC Western Jurisdiction’s College of Bishops over a recent decision to elect an openly gay bishop, which is in defiance of denominational rules.

National Guard activated amid deadly western New York snow storm that has dropped more than 6 feet of snow in region
New York Gov. Kathy Hochul announced the activation of the National Guard Saturday to help with clean up in the historic and deadly snow storm that battered parts of western New York.

More than 160 people killed after shallow M5.6 earthquake hits near Jakarta, Indonesia
A shallow earthquake, registered by the BMKG, USGS and EMSC as M5.6, hit West Java, Indonesia at 06:21 UTC on November 21, 2022. All agencies are reporting a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles). The quake resulted in the deaths of more than 160 people. The number is expected to rise.

A Shocking 37% Of Real Estate Agents Couldn’t Afford October Office Rent 
The Federal Reserve has hiked 375bps in just six meetings this year. Mortgage rates have followed suit, skyrocketing from a low of 2.7% in February to 7.35% earlier this month. The aggressive tightening of monetary conditions has sparked an affordability crisis — sidelining millions of potential homebuyers while existing home sales crash to the worst level since 2008.

Emmanuel Macron at APEC Summit: “We Need a Single World Order”
The APEC Summit opened on Friday in Thailand, the last of three world summits hosted in the region this month.

Parents are waiting for 15 hours in emergency rooms amid Amoxicillin shortage
A shortage of the common antibiotic Amoxicillin continues across the US as an increasing number of kids are diagnosed with seasonal illnesses and more parents are forced to call out of work to care for them.

American Academy of Pediatrics says children cannot consent to tattoos but can consent to mastectomies
There is no federal minimum age for tattoos, and the rules vary from state to state. Some, like New York, require a young person to be 18 or over, while others allow those 14 and over to get inked with parental consent. According to the New York Times, about a dozen, including West Virginia, Ohio, and Vermont, have no minimum age as long as there is parental consent.

VAXXED ETHNIC CLEANSING: As food inflation skyrockets, Biden’s White House targets poor Blacks by offering $20 in food credits for those willing to take the depopulation jab
Now the White House is targeting the poor for depopulation. After causing record food inflation through money printing, food facility sabotage and the dismantling of energy infrastructure needed by farming operations, the Biden regime is now arranging for $20 in grocery retail credit for those who are willing to be injected with so-called covid “vaccines” — actually depopulation bioweapons designed to maim and kill.

Democrat Sen. Mark Warner Admits Trump Was Right About TikTok Being an ‘Enormous Threat’
Democrat Sen. Mark Warner has admitted that former President Donald Trump was right about TikTok being an “enormous threat.”

Do These Documents Prove That Call Of Duty Is A Government PsyOp?
Call of Duty is not a neutral first-person shooter, but a carefully constructed piece of military propaganda, designed to advance the interests of the U.S. national security state…

New Zealand and Scotland’s Progression into a Life Controlled by Digital IDs
New Zealand’s Managed Isolation and Quarantine (“MIQ”) program were keeping records of its staff during the “pandemic” using a JNCTN app.  Now, JNCTN-produced software tools are seeking to serve as digital ID verification for staff of other organisations.

Those involved in Project to Inject World with Experimental Biotechnology are GUILTY of Crimes against Humanity 
We now confidently know that Covid-19 and mRNA vaccines both came from the same stable – experimental biotechnology laboratories. As the old saying goes two wrongs do not make a right. In our case, they made a disaster which could and should have been confidently predicted by anyone knowledgeable working in the field.

“You’re An Absolute Fraud”: CME CEO Terry Duffy Recalls First Meeting Sam Bankman-Fried In March 2022
Ole’ Terry’s senses from days of being in the pit are still sharp as can be. He pegged FTX for a fraud before the company blew up – and told Bankman-Fried as much to his face.

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