23 May 2023

India heat wave: Crops destroyed amid soaring temperatures 
Farmers in India say crops are being destroyed as temperatures soar above 45C (113F).

Climate activists blacken Trevi Fountain over Italy floods
Activists poured charcoal into the waters of Rome’s most famous fountain, calling for action against climate change. Rome’s mayor condemned the “absurd attacks.”

Facebook claims ‘Jesus’ is ‘hate speech’
A columnist has reported at the Washington Times that Facebook called “Jesus” hate speech and said it was censoring the reference.

Mail Delivery Halted for an Entire Seattle Zip Code
Seattle residents in the 98118 zip code had to pick their mail up at the post office last week after the United States Postal Service paused delivery due to rising thefts.

WOW! 30-Ton Shipment of Chemical Explosives Traveling By Rail From WY to CA Have DISAPPEARED—With an Unknown Number of Illegals From Terror Nations Crossing Into the U.S. Through Our Open Borders, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
Approximately 60,000 lbs. of the explosive chemical ammonium nitrate, a chemical used to make fertilizer, and a component in explosives, like the ones used in the 1995 terror bombing in Oklahoma City at the Murrah Federal Building,  has disappeared.

Ancient tablet found on Mount Ebal predates known Hebrew inscriptions 
An early Hebrew inscription from Mount Ebal near Nablus that was found on a folded lead tablet during an excavation in the 1980s recently underwent x-ray tomographic measurements to reveal hidden text.

Flesh-eating zombie drug ‘tranq’ takes over LA streets as users with rotting skin are seen
Los Angeles officials are trying to stop the spread of the flesh-eating drug xylazine that has taken over the city. The ‘zombie drug’, a veterinary tranquilizer approved in the US for cows and horses, is now flooding the illicit US drug market, with dealers often cutting it with cocaine and heroin.

PetSmart Pushes the LGBT Agenda: ‘Celebrate Pride with Your Pet’
PetSmart is the latest company to peddle the radical LGBT agenda, urging pet owners to “celebrate pride with your pet” and offering a range of rainbow-themed accessories while touting a donation to the woke organization GLSEN, which focuses primarily on injecting gender confusion into schools.

“Mysterious” 50% spike in heart arrhythmia cases: 1 in 45 now at risk of stroke
Since 2013, there has been an “astonishing” increase in the number of people who are coming down with atrial fibrillation, also known as an irregular heartbeat or a heart arrythmia. The British Heart Foundation (BHF) conducted an analysis using data collected from Great Britain’s National Health Service (NHS), which for the first time ever concluded that more than 1.5 million Brits – along with another 270,000 Brits who are still undiagnosed – suffer from the “mysterious” heart issue.

Report 71 of the Pfizer Documents Shows more Horrific Behavior by Pfizer
Please remember that the FDA was fully aware of these awful things and lied to your face saying the jab was safe and effective.

Seance AI Is Just One Of Many Products And Services That Will Be Brought To Us Courtesy Of Artificial Intelligence
Seance AI is a digital psychic, briefly summoning a digital representation of the deceased so that the living can have one last conversation.

Why and how doctors kill more people than cancer
..Today, I’m afraid that the number of deaths caused by doctors is going up rapidly and doctors have for some time killed more people than cancer. Indeed, I strongly suspect that doctors are now the major cause of death in the Western World – especially if vaccine deaths are included.

A new documentary tells the stories you were never told: The Unseen Crisis of Covid Vaccine Injuries
In the climate of a global pandemic, covid injections were rolled out under emergency use authorisation after a much shorter than normal testing period. Millions of people rolled up their sleeves because they were told they were doing their part to end the pandemic. But for some – it didn’t go as expected.

Number of babies with myocarditis surge in England and Wales
UK authorities are investigating an “unusual” surge in severe myocarditis which has hit 15 babies in Wales and England and has killed at least one. On Tuesday, the WHO issued an alert that there had been a rise in “severe myocarditis” in newborns and infants between June 2022 and March 2023 in Wales and England. It said that this was associated with the enterovirus infection, which rarely affects the heart.

Smallpox Vaccine Recipients Died From Heart Inflammation, Autopsies Find 
Several U.S. military personnel who received a smallpox vaccination died from heart inflammation while others had not recovered from the same inflammation years after first experiencing the condition, an in-depth review of medical records has found….Some 2.5 million service members received a smallpox vaccine between Dec. 1, 2002, and Dec. 31, 2016, the time period covered in the study.

WHO Issues Warning on “Unusual” Surge of Severe Myocarditis Cases in Newborns and Infants
The World Health Organization (WHO) has sounded the alarm over a significant increase in cases of “severe myocarditis” among newborns and infants in Wales and England.

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