25 May 2023

Strong M6.2 earthquake hits Banda Sea at intermediate depth, Indonesia 
A strong earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.2 hit Banda Sea, Indonesia at 15:49 UTC on May 24, 2023. The agency is reporting a depth of 166 km (103 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.1 at a depth of 171 km (106 miles).

Eye of Typhoon “Mawar” grazes northern Guam with Category 4 force 
The southern eyewall of Category 4 Typhoon “Mawar” grazed the northern tip of Guam at around 08:00 UTC on May 24, 2023, with maximum sustained winds of 220 km/h (140 mph). This made Mawar the 15th typhoon of at least Category 4 intensity to pass within 110 km (70 miles) of Guam in records since WWII.

‘We’ll Hang With Satan Instead’: Target Receives MASSIVE Backlash After Woke Pride Month Merchandise Designer Is Exposed To Be A Satanist | DC Enquirer
While states like Texas have been eager to protect children in recent weeks by protecting them from specific treatments at young ages and ensuring they are old enough to give informed consent, Target seems to be retaliating with a new line of merchandise.

Belgian bishop again says Pope Francis supports heretical same-sex ‘blessing’ efforts
Notoriously heterodox Bp. Johan Bonny has once more claimed Francis’ support for same-sex ‘blessings’ in Belgium.

War Crime Documents Surface Of Red Cross Black Market Child Organ Harvesting In Ukraine, Azov Implicated
Questions are circling over whether the Ukrainian Red Cross Society has been engaged in what reports have referred to as “shady activities” that suggest the harvesting of children’s organs.

‘Making a Killing’: How Hospitals Profited From Deadly COVID Protocols
The federal government sent Patty Myers $9,000 to pay for her husband’s funeral — she used the money to make a documentary about how COVID-19 protocols killed patients like her husband while generating big profits for hospitals.

NSA Foils Islamic Terror Plot in Sweden: Syrian Refugee Brothers’ Planned Crowded Church Bombing 
Islamic refugees’ recurring threats against Westerners who exercise freedom of speech, such as Rasmus Paludan who burned the Quran, reveal their aim to enforce Islamic blasphemy laws instead of respecting their host countries’ laws and customs.

Croatian EU Parliamentarian Mislav Kolakusic Publicly Declares WHO a TERRORIST Organization 
In a stunning statement, Mislav Kolakušić, a Member of the European Parliament for Croatia, publicly declared the World Health Organization (WHO) a terrorist organization.

Montana becomes first state to ban drag reading sessions for kids in public schools and libraries 
Montana has become the first state to specifically ban people dressed in drag from reading books to children at public schools and libraries.

Croatian EU Parliamentarian Mislav Kolakusic Publicly Declares WHO a TERRORIST Organization
In a stunning statement, Mislav Kolakušić, a Member of the European Parliament for Croatia, publicly declared the World Health Organization (WHO) a terrorist organization.

New York Democrats Vote to GIVE THE STATE FREE REIN OVER MINOR CHILDREN: NYS Assembly So-Called “Health Committee” Votes YES to Allow Minors to TAKE DRUGS with NO PARENTAL CONSENT! MUST-SEE VIDEO of Furious Parents Telling off POLITICAL HACKS at Hearing!
The Democrats in the New York State Assembly are bent set on giving the Government free rein to inject your child with whatever Big Brother deems necessary. Why would these Democrats, many of them parents themselves, give the government the power to inject even their own children behind their backs?

Chinese Citizens, ACLU Sue Florida Over Legislation Barring Some Foreign Nationals From Purchasing Property 
A group of Chinese citizens residing in Florida have sued the state government to contest a new law which prohibits people from China and other “countries of concern” from owning land, deeming the measure “draconian” and “discriminatory.”

“Terrified Of A Bud Light Situation”: Target Pulls Pride Month Products In Certain Stores Amid Boycott Calls
Taking another page out of the Tranheuser Bush playbook, Target is already getting the blowback treatment, with the uber-woke socialist tabloid Business Insider reporting that after Target abruptly removed Pride month feature displays from dozens of stores in Southern states, has “frustrated and alienated” the company’s (handful of ) LGBTQ workers who “spoke anonymously for fear of professional consequences as they are not authorized to speak to the media, but Insider verified their identities and employment.”

646 Hospitals At Risk Of Closure, Ranked By State
There are 646 rural hospitals at risk of closure due to financial issues, comprising around 30 percent of all rural hospitals in the U.S., according to the Center for Healthcare Quality & Payment Reform.

Joe Biden’s Speech Parallels Adolf Hitler’s Demonic Mind Set 
Somewhere from a special place in hell Saul Alinsky. Forced to watch CSPAN for eternity… is laughing. Reveling in Joe Biden’s text book example of a speech utilizing every rule for radicals he could jam in.

The Restrict Act Is Pure Treason 
The language in the Bill reads like a George Orwell novel. Crushing the 1st and 4th Amendments with doublespeak aimed at combating foreign adversaries. While awarding sweeping powers to Biden’s Secretary of Commerce to set in motion the rounding up of those standing in the way of the compromised Biden Administration’s NWO directives. Unleashing enforcement by an AI driven surveillance state. While, by seeming coincidence, major banks fall like dominoes to the coming CBDC maelstrom.

TSA now wants your biometric data at these 25 airports
It seems like government gets more intrusive into our lives and invades our privacy more every year, and now the Transportation Security Administration is taking things further by setting up facial recognition technology for passengers trying to board planes in many of the nation’s airports.

‘One Health’ will give WHO’s Dictator General power to initiate climate lockdowns
..Behind the verbiage, One Health is a tool to create networks and combine efforts towards centralising power and control.  Once central power has been achieved then similar measures that were imposed in response to the covid “pandemic” can be used for climate change, loss of biodiversity, human diseases, vector-borne diseases and more.  Where will the power and control be centralised? The World Health Organisation’s (“WHO’s”) Director Dictator General Tedros the Terrorist and, ultimately, those who fund WHO.

Record numbers not working due to ill health
The number of people not working in the UK due to long-term sickness has risen to a new record, official figures show.

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