25 Oct 2022

Hurricane “Roslyn” makes landfall in Nayarit, Mexico 
Category 3 Hurricane “Roslyn” made landfall in northern Nayarit, west-central Mexico around 11:20 UTC on October 23, 2022, with maximum sustained winds of 195 km/h (120 mph) and a minimum central pressure of 960 hPa.

Tropical Cyclone “Sitrang” strengthening on its way toward Bangladesh
Tropical Cyclone “Sitrang” formed in the Bay of Bengal on October 23, 2022, as the second named storm of the 2022 North Indian Ocean cyclone season. The cyclone is strengthening on its way toward Bangladesh where landfall is expected during the morning hours (LT) of October 25.

Violent thunderstorms and tornadoes hit France 
Strong thunderstorms affected large parts of France on October 23, 2022, producing violent wind gusts and tornadoes. The storms hit after several days of warm weather, exceptional in duration for this time of year, with a depression named Beatrice by the Spanish meteorological service.

100 Dutch schools forced to serve insects
The Netherlands has become a testing ground for the globalist Great Reset being pursued by the World Economic Forum. In the process, people’s diets are being switched to insects. After most farmers in the Netherlands were officially ruined by suspect “nitrate laws”, insects are currently being introduced in schools.

Christians Who ‘Audibly Pray’ in Abortion ‘Safe Zone’ Could Face Prison
Christians who are caught “praying”, “reciting scripture”, or “crossing themselves” near an abortion centre could be sentenced to up to six months in jail in the United Kingdom.

Many Western countries are trying to ban NITROGEN (and thus meat) 
In recent months, The Netherlands has been all over the news for trying to eliminate the element nitrogen, which makes up about 78 percent of Earth’s atmosphere. It turns out that many other Western countries are trying to do the very same thing.

Army research into nanotechnology and quantum mechanics similar to what’s now being put into “vaccines”
The United States Army is spending millions upon millions of your tax dollars on a variety of weapons including nanotechnology and quantum mechanics, which just so happens to be a key component of Big Pharma’s latest “vaccines.”

Russia Warns The West That Ukraine is Plotting A False Flag “Dirty Bomb” Attack
In calls to Western leaders that included the United States, Britain, France, and Turkey, Russia’s defense minister said Ukraine is plotting a false flag “dirty bomb” attack. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has started warning that Ukrainian forces are preparing a “provocation” with a radioactive device.

Fake Christian Kanye West’s Disgusting Rants Are Actually Nothing More Than A Repackaging Of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion Filth
One of the most disturbing things about the rabid anti-Semitic rantings of fake Christian Kanye West is the deafening silence coming out of Hollywood and the main stream media. What West is promulgating is not new, we have seen this garbage before in places like ‘The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’ book, US carmaker Henry Ford and his ‘International Jew’, and countless other outlets.

Man In England Becomes First Ever To Have Microchip For His Bank Card Implanted Into The Back Of His Right Hand From Biotech Company Walletmor
We have long told you that the world’s largest and fastest-growing tech sector is biometric technology, and one of the companies leading the way is Walletmor. What product do they make? Human implantable microchips and bio-technology to enable buying and selling to be conducted using implants in you body.

Emmanuel Macron Summoned To Vatican For Interfaith Meeting And Closed Door Session With Pope Francis 
French President Emmanuel Macron was summoned to Rome on Sunday for the start of a three-day peace summit hosted by the Community of Sant’Egidio, a Catholic charity known for its efforts to promote interfaith dialogue, notably in Africa. On Monday, he had an exclusive, closed-door meeting with the Catholic king at the Vatican. Welcome to Day 952 of 15 Days To Flatten The Curve.

Is it Possible to Patent Genetically-Modified Humans?
“When we’re modifying the genome of an organism we can put our signature, our name, into the genome.” – “What is God? God creates. Well, we can create now.” – “We deserve to be credited for our work. We have lobbyists in politics and the courts to make sure the patenting and owning of parts of the human genome continues.”

Coming This Winter: The European Commission Pushes EU States Towards WHO’s Pandemic Treaty
Between the beginning of June and the middle of 1 July 2022 Europe saw a tripling of Covid cases. Since then, case numbers have been falling again, but remain high among people aged 65 years and over, with consequent increases in hospitalisation rates and intensive care unit (“ICU”) admissions in this age group. Overall, more than 2 300 people still die every week in the Europe Union (“EU”) of Covid. These numbers are worrying not least since they are likely to be an underestimation of the real situation.

Deaths of American Under 25s is Soaring Since the Rollout of Covid Injections
In the first two and a half years of COVID, 150 thousand more American under-45s have died than expected. But, almost half of those deaths have occurred in the last twelve months, wrote Joel Smalley. And now he has noted that the deaths of even younger Americans are soaring.  “As bad as the story is for the under-45s, it’s a whole lot worse for the under-25s.”

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