26 Jun 2022

Capitol Reef National Park hikers in Utah describe flash flooding, escape: ‘The road’s gone
A group of
hikers described their escape amid dangerous flash flooding at Capitol Reef National Park, calling it “insanely lucky.”

Severe Thunderstorm Watch issued for parts of Missouri, Iowa and Illinois
The Storm Prediction Center has upgraded Saturday’s severe risk to include a section of Northern Illinois and parts of Missouri and Iowa for storms that are likely to become severe.

Food Riots Continue In Sri Lanka As The Military Begins Shooting
The starving and hungry people of collapsing Sri Lanks have been rioting over the cost of food and lack of energy. As if things couldn’t get worse, the ruling class has taken to gunning down those who stand against being ruled.

A Permanent Shortage Of Everything
The world isn’t flat, it’s all too round… That’s why Islam is once again at war with Europe, Russia is invading Ukraine, China is relaunching its empire, and the ‘flatland’ is experiencing a dimensional shift.

Biden calls for ‘more money’ to help prepare for a ‘second pandemic’ 
President Joe Biden suggested yesterday that there will be another “pandemic,” calling for “more money” to help prepare for it.

U.N. Chief Guterres Warns of Looming ‘Catastrophe’ from Food Shortages
The world faces the prospect of a mass starvation “catastrophe” driven by unprecedented food shortages, U.N. chief Antonio Guterres warned Friday.

84 Lawless Prosecutors from 29 States Including Several Soros-Funded DAs Vow to Disregard Law and NOT Prosecute Women who Seek Abortions or Medics Who Provide Them
84 lawless prosecutors from 29 states signed a joint statement vowing to disregard the Supreme Court ruling from Friday overturning Roe v. Wade and sending it back to the states.

Facebook’s Audit Director AND Marketing Leads Are Former Pfizer Directors
Facebook – a platform that routinely censors posts critical of COVID-19 vaccines – has hired several alumni from Pfizer’s marketing and internal audit teams to lead similar efforts at the social media platform, The National Pulse can reveal.

Lab-cultured, GMO-laden fake “meat” is a toxic abomination to be avoided at all costs
Beef, poultry, fish, and dairy products are all on the chopping block as the architects behind the Great Reset shift society away from real, nutritious food and straight into laboratory abominations from hell.

Despite Fevered Propaganda, Abortion Still Legal in America, State by State
The Supreme Court in Dobbs v Jackson overturned the law stating a right to abortion existed in the Constitution. Instead, SCOTUS allows states to choose whether to allow or ban abortion. This means, the more liberal a state, the easier it will be to get such a procedure. This is hardly the total ban the media and leftist advocates warned and rioted over, and a young man tried to assassinate Judge Kavenaugh for. (213 page ruling here).

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: ANGRY LEFTISTS Surround, Abuse Pro-Life Catholic Outside Supreme Court – Pro-Lifers Rejoice — Abortion Activists Paint Their Crotch with Fake Blood
On Friday morning the Supreme Court sided with the state of Mississippi and overturned Roe v. Wade. The opinion was written by Justice Samuel Alito.

Australia Is The Only Democratic Nation That Tracks Its Citizens By Their ‘Faceprint’ For COVID Containment Procedures, But That’s About To Change 
Let me introduce you to a term that is about to become ‘all the rage’, your faceprint, and it soon will replace your fingerprint as the primary means of identification. In Australia, a tech company called Genvis has struck it rich by supplying the government there with faceprint tools to track their citizens who have COVID. This has worked so wonderfully well during the pandemic that now this draconian technology is being rolled out to all citizens who want access to any government services.

Sudden Adult [Vaccine] Death Syndrome: Excess Deaths in Australia are up 18% since the start of 2022 but only 6% of all deaths have been attributed to COVID-19
Australian Bureau of Statistics has revealed that Australia has been suffering a huge amount of excess deaths compared to the historical average since around October 2021, with figures revealing the number of Australians who have lost their lives in 2022 is 18% higher than the historical average.

Essex Care Home Locked Down After “Fully Vaccinated” Residents Tested Positive for Covid
Public Health England has forced the closure of a care home in Essex for at least two weeks after 10 residents test positive for Covid. It is understood that all the care home’s residents have been injected with four doses of the “safe and effective” Covid “vaccine.”

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