26 Mar 2023

Utah parent demands school library remove Bible, cites Jesus’ words as ‘pornographic’
With a list citing verses from Genesis to Revelation, a Utah parent is calling for the Word of God to be removed from a high school library for being “pornographic.”

Powerful tornado leaves a trail of destruction in Punjab’s Fazilka district 
A powerful tornado struck Bukainwala village in Punjab’s Fazilka district, India on Friday, March 24, 2023, causing severe damage to over 50 houses and acres of crops.

Long-track, violent tornado hits Mississippi, leaving massive damage and at least 21 people dead 
A long-track, violent tornado hit Mississippi around 21:00 LT on Friday, March 24, 2023, leaving massive damage. It’s unclear whether this long-tracked tornado or perhaps multiple twisters caused the devastation, but as of 11:42 UTC, the death toll in Mississippi has risen to 21.

Cybersecurity specialists say microphones may be constantly picking up clues about someone
Ever had the uneasy feeling your smartphone is eavesdropping on you? The eerie truth is that it may be doing exactly that – in order to show you adverts tailored to your interests, experts say.

Deadly Marburg virus causes outbreak in ANOTHER African country for first time
One of the world’s deadliest diseases has spread to another African country for the first time.
Marburg virus — which kills 90 percent of sufferers and has no cure — has killed five people in Tanzania, including a healthcare worker, while another three patients are being treated in hospital.

Philadelphia will PAY pregnant women $1,000 a month to curb falling fertility rates
Pregnant women in Philadelphia will be paid $1,000 a month as part of a trial program hoping to lower infant mortality rates in the city.

Amazon Accused of Secretly Collecting Customers’ Biometric Data
Amazon is being accused in a lawsuit filed recently of not properly notify customers of its Amazon Go stores in New York City that the tech giant was tracking and collecting their biometric data.

New video has many questioning if China is using our open border to build a secret underground army inside the US…
…There’s a recent video from Fox News that shows military-aged Chinese men crossing over our border at an alarming rate. The story claims there’s so many of these young men flooding across that officials can’t house them all. It’s now an “overwhelming problem.”

NO SURPRISE: The CDC LIED about vaccination rates in America, investigation shows
According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), just 8 percent of the country remains completely unvaccinated for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) – the other 92 percent, we are told, have taken at least one shot. According to an independent report from Northeastern University, however, the CDC’s figures are a lie.

Fauci Lied & Children Died: Secret CDC Documents confirm 120k Children, Teens & Young Adults ‘Died Suddenly’ in the US by Oct. 2022 after ‘“Emergency” Use Authorisation’ of Covid Vaccines
Time and time again throughout 2021, Dr. Anthony Fauci, stood at the podium, the bright lights of the cameras blinding him 0kas he faced the nation. With a steady hand, he held up a vial of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine, promising it would be the key to protecting America and its children from the “deadly” Covid-19 disease supposedly ravaging the country.

Stanford Law School Suspends Diversity Dean After She Doubles-Down On Duncan Debacle
…the law school will require all students to attend a training on “freedom of speech and the norms of the legal profession,”

Asian Voters Abandoning Woke Democrats As Crime Rises In Cities
It has long been the assumption among leftist elitists that they own American minorities as a voting block…

Whilst you stayed at home and believed you were protecting the NHS, your Government was deliberately making decisions that would ensure thousands of the elderly and vulnerable would suffer premature deaths in care homes.

NHS Dr reveals Staff were ordered to “Euthanise” Patients to fraudulently increase COVID Death Count because Hospitals were EMPTY & Nurses were having TikTok Dance-Offs
An NHS whistleblower, who wishes to remain anonymous, has come forward with allegations that the NHS hospitals were not overwhelmed during the Covid-19 pandemic, as was reported by authorities and the mainstream media.

Islamic Intimidation: European Soccer Leagues Forced to Accommodate Ramadan 
Match officials from the Premier League and English Football League (EFL) have been told they must provide an opportunity for players to break their fast during evening games across Ramadan. Fearing another violent backlash from the Islamic community, it is not surprising western professional sports leagues are complying with Muslims’ demands.

Islamized France: Half of Best-Selling ‘Children’s Books’ on Amazon Are Muslim
French media site Fdesouche reports that as of March 24, 2023 four out or eight of their country’s top best-selling children’s books on Amazon are Islamic:

No, We Don’t Need More Nuclear Weapons
…it remains popular among some to keep arguing for more nuclear expansion year after year. Surely, some of these advocates are true believers, but there is also a lot of money at stake for government contractors…

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