3 Feb 2024

Catalonia’s worst drought in a century prompts declaration of drought emergency, new water restrictions, Spain 
Barcelona and the wider region of Catalonia have declared a drought emergency following three consecutive years of insufficient rainfall, leading to reservoir levels falling critically low. Pere Aragones, the head of the regional government, announced immediate water-saving restrictions affecting six million people. With reservoirs at less than 16% capacity, the emergency is described as the worst drought Catalonia has experienced in a century, necessitating drastic reductions in water usage for residents, municipalities, farmers, and businesses alike.

Medicane “Nikolai” (Avgi) makes landfall in Israel 
Medicane “Nikolai” — internationally known as Storm Avgi — formed during the afternoon hours (UTC) of February 1, 2024, near the coast of Egypt as the first medicane of the year. Before making landfall in Israel on February 2, the storm brought heavy rain and snow to parts of Greece and Cyprus.

Severe weather looms in Texas ahead of rainy Mardi Gras parades
A storm system drenched the Pacific Northwest and California on Thursday and is now expected to move toward the Southeast. The system is bringing with it a severe weather threat in Texas on Friday and will spread steady rains to the east over the weekend.

Los Angeles faces life-threatening flooding as dangerous atmospheric river looms
California is in a brief respite from extreme weather after being impacted with the latest round of record rain and heavy snow Thursday from a Pineapple Express atmospheric river event. However, another potent, even stronger storm is already approaching from across the Pacific Ocean, with the potential for much heavier rainfall totals.

Norway’s most powerful storm in over 30 years rips roofs off houses, cuts power
Norway’s most powerful storm in more than three decades ripped off roofs, heightened avalanche risks, canceled flights and cut power as it raged in parts of the Scandinavian country Thursday.

You Might Want To Keep An Eye On The Very Alarming Natural Disasters That Are Happening In Hawaii And California
I believe that major natural disasters will be one of the dominant themes of 2024.  Right now, a gigantic “Pineapple Express” storm is absolutely pummeling the state of California, and an even stronger “Pineapple Express” storm will hit the state right behind it.  But authorities in California will really get bent out of shape if we say that these storms could potentially be part of a catastrophic multi-week pattern that many have suggested may or may not be developing.  Meanwhile, the state of Hawaii is being rocked by hundreds and hundreds of earthquakes.  In fact, we are being told that there were more than 220 earthquakes in just one 24 hour period earlier this week…

Food Prices To Skyrocket In 2024
A multi-day fire in Texas where multiple buildings at Feather Crest Farms was finally extinguished, making this just the latest in more than 100 accidents, plane crashes, explosions and fires, at food processing/manufacturing facilities since 2021.

Inside NIH virus lab in Montana – that has eerie ties to Wuhan – where US scientists inject pigs and monkeys with EBOLA and other dangerous bio-agents
Photos and videos obtained exclusively by Daily Mail show US government-funded researchers experimenting on animals at a controversial lab in Montana where risky virus research is carried out.

Following Mass Outreaches in Nicaragua, Government Jails Pastors, Charges Missionaries
The Nicaraguan government has imprisoned local pastors while American missionaries face criminal charges following mass evangelistic outreaches in the country.

Measles Cases Soaring Worldwide as WHO Reports Alarming 45-Fold Rise in Europe 
In recent weeks a series of measles alerts have been issued around Australia, including in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, after the identification of a small number of cases in travellers returning from overseas.

Satanists Lobby for Iowa Law Allowing Them to Target Children in Schools
The Satanic Temple is “happy to engage children” if a bill allowing chaplains in schools passes in Iowa, a minister of the Satanic Temple stated.

Elderly Protester: “I’m Starving to Death” – “Milei – You’re a Son of a Bitch.”
There has been much confusion as to where the President of Argentina’s loyalties lie, is it with the globalists or with the Argentinian people? This answer has been obvious for some time, as Milei is a WEF man, a graduate of the school of Klaus and his Young Global Leaders. Ever the performer, Milei however has played the part of the saviour of the previously Peronist nation and a darling of the people who vowed to free Argentina from “decadence and decline.” So good was his performance, even after being invited to the globalist meet up at Davos, he still managed to convince the wide awake that he was anti everything the WEF are about.

US begins Middle East airstrikes in response to deaths of three soldiers
The U.S. has begun airstrikes on Middle East targets from multiple platforms, a U.S Defense official has told Fox News. The strikes are in response to the deaths of three U.S. service members last Sunday on a U.S. base in Jordan.

Southern African bishops to offer homosexual blessings ‘with prudence’
An emerging split is appearing in Africa as the Southern African bishops’ conference rejected the continent’s leading prelate and stated that will implement blessings for homosexual couples “with prudence.”

Former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett Slams Biden For Targeting Israeli Citizens With Executive Order
…“In Israel, we prosecute any violence, any criminal activity. We don’t need any external help on doing it. And I have to say that it’s marginal. What’s called violence of settlers is marginal. We’re talking about a 50 percent decrease year on year.”

Manhunt in London After Convicted Afghan Sex Offender, Granted Asylum by Posing as Christian, Launches Chemical Attack on Mother and Children 
Amidst a nationwide manhunt, three of the UK’s largest police forces are relentlessly pursuing Abdul Shokoor Ezedi, the Afghan suspect responsible for the harrowing alkali attack on a mother and two young girls in south London.

Media Blackout: Deaths Linked to Islamic Violence in Africa Reach Alarming Levels
Mainstream US media outlets have embraced ‘virtue signaling’ about racism following the death of George Floyd. Yet, no left-wing leaders have vocally advocated ‘Black Lives Matter’ in Africa to raise awareness about the massacre of non-Muslims, especially Christians, on the continent

MEP Christine Anderson: It’s governments who are the extremists, not the farmers
…“Tears of joy were shed here in this House when you declared a ‘climate emergency’ and thus created a further basis for making citizens pay, pay and pay again,” she said.  Adding, “Well, you can see the result in Germany.  Our economy is in tatters, a wave of bankruptcies is sweeping the country.  At the same time, hundreds of thousands of farmers, hauliers, entrepreneurs are being fleeced like Christmas geese.” “The citizens are fed up and are finally taking to the streets.  Rightly so!”

Dr. Mike Yeadon: “Pandemics are Not a Thing.”
It is surely obvious to any dispassionate observer that this coalition of the powerful intends to spring some health crisis upon the people of the world. When have the rich and powerful given care about the health of poor people? That’ll be never. Pandemics are not a thing. Think back through your life. How many pandemics have there been? Covid wasn’t one. The Spanish flu nonsense wasn’t one. None of the flu-like illnesses reported in the 1960s were one. I don’t believe there has ever been even one.

Farmers protest in Brussels: Why are leaders pushing to restrict and eliminate farms and farmers?
Massive, ongoing protests in the streets of Germany, Poland, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, and other European countries descended upon the EU Parliament building in Brussels on Thursday. The protests coincide with Thursday’s summit of European Union leaders, with the farmers calling on them to scrap agricultural and environmental regulations implemented by leadership in Brussels. Why are leaders pushing to restrict and eliminate farms and farmers?

BREAKING: Florida sends up to a battalion of National Guard troops to help Texas protect US border
On Thursday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced that he would be providing state troops to assist Texas in its quest to secure the southern border. The members of the Florida State Guard and Florida National Guard will make their way down to the Lone Star state to help erect barriers.

Targeting Children With “Its Okay To Pass Away Today” Videos On Multiple Platforms
This piece was going to begin with states kidnapping children from parents in order to allow them to “transition,” into the opposite sex, but then Stefan sent me something so outrageous, and wrong, and sick, and horrible, that I absolutely had to toss my previous topic matter, but it can be seen at Daily Mail. A cartoon character, singing to sick children “it’s ok to pass away.” A two-and-a-half minute video, geared towards children with a Muppet-type character singing “It’s okay to pass a way.” Telling kids they will be put into an urn and more.

What Do You Call It When The Number Of Layoffs In The U.S. Goes Up By 136 Percent In Just One Month?
Wow, our economic problems really are starting to accelerate at a shocking pace.  I know that I have been writing about layoffs a lot lately, but what is happening to the employment market right now is definitely big news.   Day after day, more large companies are announcing mass layoffs.  Why would all of these large companies be doing this if the outlook for the U.S. economy is promising?

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