3 in 4 COVID patients still have symptoms 6 months after getting sick

(STUDY FINDS) — WUHAN, China — For COVID-19 patients, their battle with the deadly virus can last weeks or even months. A new study finds even after patients leave the hospital the symptoms of coronavirus may linger for a long time. Researchers in China say 76 percent of hospitalized COVID patients still experience at least one symptom of their illness six months later.

The study reveals the most common symptoms patients continue to feel is fatigue or muscle weakness. More than six in 10 people (63%) of the 1,733 patients examined experienced this problem. Another 26 percent report having difficulty sleeping and 23 percent experienced anxiety or depression. The patients in the new report were discharged from Jin Yin-tan Hospital in Wuhan between January and May of 2020. Researchers began in-person follow-up visits with this group after an average of 186 days post-hospitalization.

Aside from lingering symptoms, study authors discovered patients who had suffered from more severe COVID infections are more likely to now have impaired lung function. They are also more likely to have abnormalities appear in their chest imaging scans, which could signal organ damage. Researchers say few studies have looked at the long-term health impacts of coronavirus as the pandemic is still ongoing globally.

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