Russia warns Disney against distributing short film featuring gay character
Russia’s communications regulator Roskomnadzor on Friday warned Walt Disney Co (DIS.N) against distributing content it said was harmful to children in Russia with its release of a short film, “Out”, which features a gay main character.

Maine Lawmakers Mull Bill to Allow Transgender Men in Women’s Prisons
Lawmakers in Maine are considering legislation that would allow incarcerated individuals in the state to be assigned cells according to their “gender identity” instead of biological sex.

More Churches Closed than Opened in 2019. Then Came the Pandemic
US Protestant churches endured a difficult 2020, including starting the year with fewer congregations.

Two More Coffin Nails and 100% Certainty of COVID-19 Fraud – Can Anyone Prove It Isn’t?
..Curiously and by means of evidence later provided to me by an epidemiologist, we confirmed that the U.S. and other Western nations were ordering “COVID”-specific test kits and supplies by a name that technically wouldn’t exist until 11 Feb 20, when the WHO/CDC cohort would officially apply the “COVID-19” moniker to it. Moreover, the evidence demonstrates that the U.S. and those other nations were making such “COVID-19” purchases dating back to 2017 and in each and every year up to 2019. How does that happen outside of a planned event? It doesn’t – period.

The 4-stage brainwashing con that’s turning America into a Communist-run country
…From fake news to false flags, and from a fake pandemic to fake election ballots, the playbook for turning America into a communist hell-hole is not complicated; in fact, it’s pretty obvious, and it’s happening now. Keep in mind this can all be accomplished inside of 20 years, or one generation.

Popeyes store under criminal investigation after posting sign saying, ‘Will reserve the right to refuse service to white people’
Authorities have launched a criminal investigation into a sign that was reportedly posted at a Popeyes restaurant in Lake Saint Louis, Missouri, announcing that the fast-food restaurant reserved the “right to refuse service to white people.”

1,000 Lawyers and 10,000 Doctors Join Together and File Lawsuit to Prosecute the “2nd Nuremburg Tribunal” Against Corona Fraud Scandal
Thousands of attorneys and doctors have joined forces to sue the CDC, WHO and the Davos Group for crimes against humanity.

Concert Promoter In Florida Is Charging People $1,000 To Attend Show If You’re Not Vaccinated, But Only $18.95 If You Agree To Take The COVID Jab
Maybe where you live they have dropped the mandatory mask mandate, and you’re starting to feel just a little bit freer now, and it’s a good feeling to be sure. But, to be sure, what happened in early 2020, the rise of the spirit of Antichrist upon the whole world, maybe be changing form but it is not subsiding or going away. It is gathering strength. Soon the ‘unvaccinated’ will be social outcasts much like those who will refuse to take the Mark of the Beast in the Tribulation.

Biden Director of National Intelligence’s Erotica Nights Featured Disturbing Content Written By A Teenager
Joe Biden’s Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Avril Haines hosted erotica readings at a Baltimore bookstore. Haines once featured an erotic reading from a man who said that he wrote the pornographic material when he was sixteen years old. Thus, Haines personally hosted the reading of erotic content written by an adolescent.

FDA document reveals 86% of children who participated in Pfizer covid vaccine trial experienced adverse reactions
As part of the vaccine experiments, children aged 12 to 15 are being injected with mRNA sequences that take control of their cells, causing them to churn our spike proteins in their blood. Spike proteins cause vascular disease and blood clots. Even the Jonas Salk Institute conclusively identifies spike proteins as the culprit behind vascular disease and blood clots.

America Gets Tutored in the Doctrine of Devils
College Fix editor Jennifer Kabbany says “Nevermind the War on Christmas – what about the War on Jesus Christ?” Universities across America show an outright disregard and disdain for Jesus Christ, a survey by The College Fix finds.

They are telling us the plan: A future virus “more deadly” than COVID is coming
A virus even more transmissible and fatal than Covid-19 (which is pretty easy considering Covid’s death rate is about equal to that of the common cold) will lead the world into the next pandemic, the director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of the World Health Organization (WHO) has said, noting the “evolutionary certainty” of such an occurrence.

US Soldiers Expose Nuclear Weapons Secrets Via Flashcard Apps 
For US soldiers tasked with the custody of nuclear weapons in Europe, the stakes are high. Security protocols are lengthy, detailed and need to be known by heart. To simplify this process, some service members have been using publicly visible flashcard learning apps — inadvertently revealing a multitude of sensitive security protocols about US nuclear weapons and the bases at which they are stored.

Deep Cover Insider Sources Say that Americans Are Being Abducted, Having Their Organs Harvested and Then Cremated CHINESE-Style
..In 2013, the American Civil Liberties Union boldly proclaimed that the Detroit police were abducting homeless people and then subsequently dropping them off miles away. However, voices that never get heard, are telling a more nefarious story. They say that the practice is still going on and that some of the homeless are never heard from again.

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