4 Feb 2023

Historic Sierra Nevada snowpack brings drought relief, flooding concerns to California
The Sierra Nevada snowpack, a major source of water supply in California, has reached its highest level since 1995, raising hopes for an end to the drought but also concerns about the possibility of flooding due to rapid melting.

Thousands of homes flooded in Java and Borneo, Indonesia 
Indonesia has been hit by severe floods in recent days as heavy rainfall pounded the regions of Java and southwestern Borneo. According to the ASEAN Disaster Information Network (ADINet), floods have flooded thousands of homes.

Uruguay’s agricultural emergency persists as drought conditions intensify in 2023 
Uruguay is grappling with a worsening drought crisis that has left 75 000 people affected across five departments and hit the agricultural sector hard.

Chinese Companies Are Buying American Military Academies, Lawmaker Warns
Chinese firms with ties to the Chinese Communist Party have in recent years purchased American military academies that operate military officer training programs.

Biden admin bans mining on 225k acres of Minnesota land for 20 YEARS, prohibiting Americans from accessing valuable resources
The Biden administration, through the Department of the Interior (DOI), imposed a ban on mining in 225,000 acres of land in Minnesota.

Biden’s Health Department mulls declaring public health emergency on abortion, claiming it’s an emergency to NOT kill babies
The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) under President Joe Biden is considering declaring a public health emergency due to the lack of access to abortion in many states.

Sweden’s Leading Grocery Retailer Publishes Recipe with Mealworms 
The unelected self-anointed global elitists at the World Economic Forum have fought for years for westerners to eat bugs.

DC has nowhere to hide the revelations about Ukrainian biolabs and their link to “pandemic research” 
Now that there is no more denying the existence of United States-run bioweapons laboratories in Ukraine, the latest story from the White House is that these facilities only exist to conduct “some pandemic prevention research.”

EXCLUSIVE: The Federal Government Is Tracking Unvaccinated People Who Go To The Doctor And To The Hospital Due to CDC-Designed Surveillance Program
…According to the shocking video, unvaccinated people are quietly tracked when they go to the doctor’s office or to the hospital due to a quiet new program proposed and implemented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Government meeting materials make clear that the new program is designed to “track people who are not immunized or only partially immunized.”

MASSIVE EXPLOSION Over Billings, Montana – Military Helicopters Have Been Activated
There was an explosion over Billings, Montana on Friday night. Video shows a trail of smoke in the sky where the balloon was last spotted.

11 US cities — all governed by Democratic mayors — listed among 50 most dangerous in world 
Eleven U.S. cities rank among the 50 most dangerous in the world, according to a recent report published by Numbeo, a global quality of life database. All 11 are governed by Democratic mayors.

As The Spy Balloon From Communist China Continues To Float Freely Over The United States, A Compromised Joe Biden Has Pusillanimous Response
It is a scenario ripped from the pages of either Saturday Night Live, or the Manchurian Candidate, take your pick. A spy balloon from Communist China not only entering US airspace over our mainland, but being given full access to roam about anywhere they want to go. What is pretend president Joe Biden doing about all of this? Absolutely nothing, but don’t be too harsh on him. When you are as embedded with the Communist Chinese as deeply as Joe Biden and his entire family are at this point, you wouldn’t be able to do much about it, either.

Evidence suggesting an iatrogenic death spike in England in the spring of 2020 is mounting up 
The evidence is mounting up. ONS data shows that in England during the spring of 2020, there was a death spike. The causes of the deaths were recorded across several disease groups suggesting they are iatrogenic deaths – deaths induced by medical professionals or by medical treatment or diagnostic procedures.

SHOCKING!: EMA Approval of COVID Vaccine for Children caused a 698% increase in Child Excess Deaths across Europe 
The recent revelation that child excess deaths in Europe increased by 698% following the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of the COVID-19 vaccine for children by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) is a shocking and deeply disturbing trend.

The World is Far More Corrupt than You Feared 
The BBC doesn’t really do ‘news’ any more. Now that the organisation has become a Propaganda Station for the Bilderbergers and the World Economic Forum, the BBC website (the only bit I ever see) prefers to thrill its viewers with stories of intrepid citizens struggling with sofas stuck on staircases.

Secret CCP Overseas Police Station in NYC Closed After Reported FBI Raid
A covert overseas police station run by the Chinese regime in New York has been shuttered following a reported raid by the FBI. “The FBI has confirmed that the ‘overseas police station’ in New York linked to Fuzhou has closed,” a State Department spokesperson said in an email to The Epoch Times.

‘State of Control’: The control society is increasingly becoming a reality 
The Central Bank Digital Currency (“CBDC”) and the digital passport can make our lives easier and more efficient. But new international legislation shows that the purpose of these possibilities, has far-reaching implications for our privacy.

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