4 May 2021

Ark. Ends Sales Taxes on Gold and Silver; Additional States May Soon Follow
(Jp Cortez, Sound Money Defense League) By signing sound money legislation today, Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson has officially ended sales taxation on gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion and coins– thereby setting an example for legislators in New Jersey, Maine, Ohio, and Tennessee, who are still considering similar measures in their own states this year.

States Offer Beer, Cash Incentives As Vaccine Demand Softens
“With this incentive program, we are further encouraging state employees to get vaccinated to help keep themselves, their families, and their communities healthy and safe…”

Huge lava fountains at Fagradalsfjall, biggest since the eruption start, Iceland
New fissure openings have formed several times since the eruption at Fagradalsfjall, Iceland began on March 19, 2021. On May 2, the activity at the volcano changed, producing huge lava fountains — the biggest since the eruption started. The video was captured by Sigfús Steindórsson around 02:00 local time on May 2.

Tornado outbreak: Destructive tornadoes sweep through Mississippi, U.S.
Several destructive tornadoes swept through Mississippi late Sunday night (LT), May 2, 2021, damaging buildings and downing trees and power lines. A tornado emergency was declared for Tupelo and surrounding areas, but there were no immediate reports of injuries.

Tornado west of Jena, Louisiana to begin tornado outbreak in U.S.
A tornado was intercepted by Reed Timmer’s Dominator Drone just west of Jena, Louisiana at 17:50 LT on May 2, 2021.

Facebook’s Zuckerberg donated hundreds of millions to help Democrats steal the election for Joe Biden
Moreover, who would have thought that a geeky billionaire named Mark Zuckerberg would become powerful enough to literally decide the outcome of presidential elections?

Facebook’s Zuckerberg donated hundreds of millions to help Democrats steal the election for Joe Biden
Moreover, who would have thought that a geeky billionaire named Mark Zuckerberg would become powerful enough to literally decide the outcome of presidential elections?

Finnish Politician Charged With Hate Crimes for Tweeting Bible Verse, Criticising Homosexuality
A Christian Finnish politician has been charged with multiple hate crimes, after she tweeted a Bible verse and criticised homosexuality, and could face up to 6 years in prison as a result.

Ep. 2468a – It Has Begun, Businesses Are Beginning To Accept Alternate Currency
The push for the great reset is failing, people are rejecting their electric vehicles. Biden has now told everyone that anyone making 400,000 or less will not have to pay taxes. The [CB] is losing the battle, more and more businesses are accepting cryptocurrency.

NGOs Dump Hundreds of ‘Rescued’ Migrants on Italian Islands in Days
Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are in the process of moving hundreds of migrants to Italian islands, according to reports.

Pentagon Tracking 14 Cases of Heart Inflammation in Troops After COVID-19 Shots
The Defense Department is tracking 14 cases of heart inflammation, or myocarditis, in military health patients who developed the condition after receiving either the Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.

MINISTRY OF TRUTH: 12 state attorneys general demand Big Tech platforms eliminate all speech from people injured by vaccines
Attorney generals from twelve states are calling on the world’s top social media networks to completely eradicate any negative claim about covid-19 vaccines. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey have already implemented “misinformation” policies that remove any dissent against government lock downs, mandatory masks, and Big Pharma’s forceful vaccine push.

 Biometric Wearables And ‘Smart Clothing’ Is An Exploding Market As The Push To Create Human Cyborgs Skyrockets
Apps and services such as Noom and vHealth by Aetna are supporting the collection and interpretation of biometric data, in order to deliver long-term behavioural change for individuals who are harnessing the power of wearables. The future, therefore, looks bright for health care biometrics, with continuous innovation set to improve the range of devices, features and services; the accuracy of captured data; and, importantly, the health and wellbeing of wearables consumers around the world.

The Biden Administration, the CCP, the Cartels and the Catholic Church Are Importing Every Perversion Known To Man to the Four Corners of the United States
There is, at present, an invasion of the United States for the sole purpose of destroying the culture and what’s left of the moral fabric of the United States. This article will highlight the threat.

With Covid Losing Its Grip Over America, the Next Deadly False Flag Is Almost Upon Us
The next false flag event is beginning to show itself. With covid losing its grip on most of America, it is time to introduce a deadly kill shot and the picture is beginning to crystalize.

California to Release 63,000 Violent and Repeat Felons Back Onto Streets to Create “Safer Prisons”
California will release at least 76,000 inmates including 63,000 violent criminals and repeat felons back onto the streets in order to create “safer prisons.” It also includes 20,000 inmates who are serving life sentences with the possibility of parole.

Tanker Truck Driver Shortage May Fuel Higher Gas Prices This Summer
“We’ve been dealing with a driver shortage…” 

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