‘Ring of Fire’ – Annular solar eclipse of June 10, 2021
An annular solar eclipse of June 10, 2021, will be visible from northern Canada, Greenland, and Russia, with a partial eclipse visible from northern North America, Europe, and Asia. During the event, a bright ring will surround the moon silhouette at the peak of the eclipse, hence, the Ring of Fire name.

Severe floods and landslides hit Sri Lanka, leaving at least 17 people dead and more than 210 000 affected
At least 17 people have died and more than 271 000 have been affected after heavy rains hit Sri Lanka over the weekend, officials reported on Monday, June 7, 2021. Tens of thousands have been forced to evacuate their homes as days of deluge caused rivers on the island’s southern and western plains to overflow, inundating low-lying areas.

Hard Data Proves Big Pharma Knew Covid Vaccines Would Worsen And Prolong The Pandemic
See Each National Graph Below Showing How Covid Vaccines Are Increasing Mortality Rates And Reversing Downward Death Trends

Vaccine-related serious events in the US hit more than 200,000 – with more than 900 among teens
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said it had received more than 200,000 reports of adverse effects following vaccination for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). According to the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), data from Dec. 14 of last year until May 14 of this year showed 227,805 post-vaccination adverse events. It also noted 943 adverse events among those aged 12 to 17.

Covid-19 ORIGINS revealed: Vaccine spike proteins are Chinese military bioweapons designed to kill
The cover-up has imploded. Covid-19 was engineered in a lab, and the desperate attempts to hide its true origins are rapidly collapsing

WATCH: Indian Villagers Attack & Chase Away Experimental COVID-19 Team
If there’s one country that knows firsthand the harm these experimental jabs bring, it’s India. India already has a tragic history with vaccines linked to creepy Bill Gates:

Data Banks and Collective Delusions
Every death from, and case of, COVID virus infection can be explained (as I have, over the past year) without the need for, or reference to, a virus.

Pharmakeia, The ‘God Gene’, And Just What Is The Real Target Of The COVID-19 Vaccines That Were Rushed Into Production And Forced On Us?
So, in summary, we have predictions of removing the soul with pharmaceuticals , a study about a gene connected to one’s religious beliefs, a prescription medication that inhibits said gene, and a possible Pentagon briefing presenting a future aerosol virus and vaccine that would eliminate this gene from affecting human behavior, and a vaccine trial participant saying “I can’t feel God; my soul is dead.”

SCOTUS Unanimously Rules Against Illegal Aliens Seeking to Permanently Stay in U.S.
The U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) on Monday held that illegal aliens who were subsequently given Temporary Protected Status (TPS) are not eligible for green cards to permanently remain in the U.S.

A $4,749 Bike Hints at Inflation Peril Looming for U.S. Economy
Customers crowding into U.S. bike shops are often walking out empty-handed — or if they’re lucky, with a bike whose price has repeatedly gone up since last year.

DeSantis Wins: Cruise Line Won’t Require “Vaccine Passports”
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) continues his winning streak.  The cruise line Royal Caribbean International said it will no longer require its passengers to be vaccinated for COVID after initially saying they would.

Mysterious Brain Syndrome Grips Canada
Forty-eight people from the same small Canadian province struck with a baffling mix of symptoms including insomnia, impaired motor function and hallucinations such as nightmarish visions of the dead.

China Beefs Up Latest COVID Lockdown In Guangzhou As New Cases Climb
Nationally, the CCP has been focused on rolling out COVID-19 vaccines to an increasingly younger group of patients

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