A Chatbot Could Never Write This Article. Here’s Why.

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So you’re probably freaking out about ChatGPT—which is understandable.

Since its release last year from artificial intelligence lab OpenAI, it’s created a firestorm of discourse about how these large language models will be a kind of universal disruptor, capable of doing everything from writing essays for students, pumping out SEO articles for publications, and even dethroning Google as the world’s most popular search engine. It even threatens creatives, potentially replacing screenwriters, novelists, and musicians.

We’ve already seen some of this play out already. ChatGPT has been cited as an author in at least one pre-print study, and even news articles (albeit, some tongue-in-cheek). A new preprint recently found that the bot can even create study abstracts that are so convincing it even fooled scientists. Many fear that in its wake, it’ll leave a bloodbath of journalist and marketing jobs, and a whole lot of headaches for teachers and professors trying to suss out whether or not their students actually wrote their assignments.

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