A secret tip unlocks a hidden feature in your car that will stop it being stolen – and it only takes seconds to start

A CAR expert has revealed three tips to make cars more secure from vehicle thieves.

In a TikTok video, the expert revealed three hacks for their BMW 5-Series that uncover some nifty vehicle safety features.

The hacks unveiled some nifty BMW safety features


The hacks unveiled some nifty BMW safety featuresCredit: TikTok/know_about_cars

The TikToker (@know_about_cars) said that many drivers “don’t know these functions of their car.”

However, the hacks are not ubiquitous for all car makes and models.

Dozens of TikTok commenters pointed out that many cars have these safety features, but other vehicle makes may work using different buttons.

Here are the TikToker’s tips:

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The car enthusiast said their BMW has a lock feature when it reaches 15 mph.

To activate the feature, the driver pressed the lock button on the driver’s side door for five seconds.

After a beep sounds, the feature is activated in the 5-Series.

This function will automatically lock all car doors throughout the driver’s trip.

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The tip works for drivers who may come to frequent stops and want to keep their cars locked throughout the drive.


The driver also changes the settings for their passenger side mirror when the car is in reverse.

To unlock the feature, the BMW driver put the car in reverse before changing the settings on the passenger side mirror.

The driver focused the mirror on the back-side tire to optimize parking visibility.

Immediately after adjusting the mirror, the driver placed the car in park.

The car will then adjust the mirror every time it is in reverse, the TikToker said.


The TikToker also adjusted the door unlock settings through the car’s key fob.

“Press and hold the unlock button and the lock button on the car key at the same time for five seconds,” the TikToker said.

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When the feature is activated, drivers can adjust how many doors unlock when the fob is close to the door handle.

“This is very safe after setting,” the TikToker said after showing how his back door remained locked.

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