A Statue of a Sex Worker Is a Top Attraction in This German City


Under the darkness of night while the people of Konstanz, Germany, slept, a 29.5-foot-tall statue weighing 18 tons was brought to the port and erected in mid-August 1993. The statue and its design were created by sculptor Peter Lenk and remained physically “under wrap” for five days until April 24 when it was unveiled.

People gathered in the harbor that day and bit by bit, the dark wrapping around the statue revealed a striking woman with a large bosom barely hidden by her dress. More scandalous though was that she held two tiny naked figures in her hands—Pope Martin V and Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund.

One could only imagine what was going on in the minds of the people of Konstanz as they watched the statue rotate on her axis, completing a circle in four minutes. Perhaps in learning that the statue was a sex worker called Imperia did things start to make sense.

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Source: The Daily Beast

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