Actress Ellen Barkin declares hatred for all Republicans: ‘F— them one and all’

At least Ellen Barkin apologized for her profanity.

The Emmy- and Tony-winning actress proudly declared her unabashed, unqualified “hate” for at least 74 million Americans.

“I’m sorry to have to say this. I’m sorry for my language. But. I f—in hate these m—f—ing Republicans. Every last one. F— them one and all,” she wrote Monday on Twitter, usually spelling out those words.

Though she long has been an outspoken left-winger on social media, Ms. Barkin didn’t specify what caused Monday’s outburst, though her feed Monday and Tuesday contained a lot of retweets denouncing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for one thing or another.

But the next day she reveled in the attention — more than 13,000 replies, more than 33,000 Likes and almost 5,000 Retweets by Tuesday evening.

“This is my very first trend. I’ll never forget it,” she wrote Tuesday evening.

Predictably for a declaration of hate, much of the response was hatred back — or at least sarcasm.

“You’re so enlightened and stuff,” snarked BlazeTV host Chad Prather.

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