Ahmaud Arbery verdict live – McMichael father and son and William Bryan found GUILTY for murder of 25-year-old

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A felony murder is defined as someone who commits a certain kind of felony and someone else dies in the course of it.

One can be charged with a felony murder even if the death is accidental.

According to Criminal Defense Lawyer, felony murders are usually limited to felonies that are foreseeably dangerous to human life, such as arson, rape, robbery, and burglary.

“The sentence for felony murder and malice murder is exactly the same,” said University of Georgia law professor emeritus Ron Carlson.

“It is a distinction without a difference in terms of punishment.”

Felony murder does not require an intent to kill, but the intent to commit the underlying felony and that someone died as a result of the felony.

Like a malice murder, the sentence for a felony murder is life in prison, with or without parole.

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