Alex Murdaugh’s Lawyers Allege Critical Evidence Was ‘Destroyed’

Tracy Glantz/The State/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Lawyers for Alex Murdaugh, who is set to stand trial for the murders of his wife and son in January, have slammed prosecutors for allegedly manipulating testimony and destroying evidence “in bad faith” in the high-profile case that has embroiled one of the most influential families in South Carolina.

In a scathing 96-page motion filed Wednesday in Colleton County criminal court, Murdaugh’s lawyers requested that a state judge prohibit some prosecutorial testimony at the trial set to begin on Jan. 30, alleging that the government “engaged in a campaign of selective and deceptive leaks to news media to convince the public that Murdaugh is guilty before he is tried.”

The allegedly false claim was that Murdaugh’s t-shirt from the night of the June 2021 murders had “a significant amount of high-velocity” blood spatter indicating he was physically close to the crime.

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Source: The Daily Beast

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