Alix Earle and Xandra beef explained

TIKTOK stars Alix Earle and Xandra are often seen posting videos and pictures together online.

While the pair might seem like BFFs, in recent weeks, fans have speculated that there is beef between them and now want to know if it’s true.

Fans think there is beef between Alix Earle and Xandra


Fans think there is beef between Alix Earle and XandraCredit: Instagram / xandrapohl

Alix Earle and Xandra beef explained

At the beginning of 2023, Alix Earle went live on TikTok to answer her fan’s questions.

During the live session, a majority of the comments were reportedly about an alleged feud between her and Xandra, causing fans to wonder if the pair were fighting.

“Did anyone else just catch Alix’s live on TikTok? In last night’s GRWM she said she’d been sad because of drama and mean people, I missed the first part of the live where she talked about it more but all of the comments on the live were like ‘I knew it was Xandra’ and Alix was reading and answering q’s… she didn’t deny anything. Curious to what happened,” one user wrote on Reddit.

After the thread was created, one user, who claimed to watch the whole live session, said: “Yeah I watched her whole live and ppl kept bringing up Xandra and ALIX never denied it (which I feel like she would’ve). Plus she ran out of her room to tell her roommates about the comments!!

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“…She kept saying stuff like don’t start stuff guys (in a joking way). But she literally laughed and went to her roommate outside her room and was telling them about the comments and were whispering.

“Again there’s no confirmation but was just trying to use some context clues lol. And yes she wasn’t confirming or denying but would answer questions above/below the Xandra comments.”

Fans are speculating that Xandra and Alix’s friendship is over, but at this time, it is unclear if that is true.

The beef speculation began after Alix Earle went live on TikTok


The beef speculation began after Alix Earle went live on TikTokCredit: Instagram @alix_earle

Who is Alix Earle?

Alix Earle is a famous influencer who often posts “Get Ready with Me” (GRWM) videos on TikTok to over 4million followers.

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Since she began posting on the social media platform, her videos have received over 175million likes.

She is reportedly paid between $40,000 and $70,000 for brand partnerships and has been seen supporting companies like GrubHub and Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty, according to Fox News.

“Her style of content exemplifies everything that makes influencer marketing work so well,” Jeremy Boudinet, the Sr. Director of Growth at Ubiquitous told the outlet.

“There is a sense of immediacy and non-pretentiousness you get from her content.”

Dubbed as the internet’s “hot best friend,” Alix is also studying marketing at the University of Miami.

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