"All Lives Matter": Ahmaud Arbery's Father Utters Forbidden Phrase In Call For Civility

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“All Lives Matter”: Ahmaud Arbery’s Father Utters Forbidden Phrase In Call For Civility

After Wednesday’s much anticipated verdict in the Ahmaud Arbery murder trial, his father while hailing “justice served” after the conviction and life sentences handed down for the three White men charged in the south Georgia neighborhood killing, loudly declared that phrase you’re not supposed to say – at least according to the dictates of the woke mob and media elite…

“Not just Black children”… All lives matter…

“We conquered that lynch mob,” Marcus Arbery Sr. said outside the Glynn County Courthouse. “We got that lynch mob… letting you know that Black kid’s life don’t matter.”

For real, all life matter, not just Black children. We don’t want to see nobody go through this. I don’t want to see no daddy watch their kid get lynched or shot down like that. So, it’s all our problem. It’s all our problem.”

Journalist Glenn Greenwald pointed out that it’s yet another example of how Liberal elite media gatekeeping is far removed from the lived reality and experience of everyday people…

Don’t let employees of media corporations convince you that they speak for the people on whose behalf they claim to speak. They don’t. Polling data and moving scenes like this repeatedly demonstrate the huge gap between elite discourse and prevailing sentiments.

Naturally this triggered the MSM gatekeepers to go into overdrive and cope extra hard, attempting to ultra finely parse the difference between “lives” and “life” – based on Arbery Sr’s statement.

For one particularly absurd example, Newsweek wants to let its readers know that “Some outlets and reporters have misquoted Marcus Arbery Sr., however, suggesting he used a controversial slogan that is associated with criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement.”

Yet more glaring confirmation of the mainstream media’s role in public discourse…

Tyler Durden
Thu, 11/25/2021 – 12:40
Source: Zero Hedge News

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