Anonymous donor pays symphony salaries through summer of 2021

(UPLIFTING TODAY) – An anonymous good Samaritan has stepped up to pay $2 million so that the Colorado Symphony can pay employees’ salaries and health insurance through the summer of 2021.

The Colorado Symphony usually has a grueling schedule packed with live shows and live movie scores, but all of this has been on hold for most of the past year due to the coronavirus pandemic. It had been hoped that the symphony will be able to pay its employees until outdoor shows can begin in the summer, and possibly indoor performances in the fall.

Since last summer, the Colorado Symphony has raised over $4.1 million, making it possible to keep musicians and staff together over the past ten months. This has also allowed the orchestra to bring symphonic music into peoples’ homes all over the world, while also expanding critically needed education programs to be offered virtually for students throughout the Centennial State.

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