Inside Hakeem Jeffries’ career after he’s tapped to succeed Nancy Pelosi as first Black lawmaker to lead House Democrats

HAKEEM Jeffries has been picked to succeed Nancy Pelosi to lead Democrats in the House of Representatives. The New York lawmaker will be the first Black congressperson to lead the Party following Pelosi’s decision to step down from her role as top House Democrat. 2 […]

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Capitol Hill Presses Crypto Exchanges Post-FTX Bankruptcy

The widespread fallout stemming from cryptocurrency exchange FTX’s bankruptcy reached Capitol Hill, with Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., calling for answers from six other digital asset exchange companies on their consumer protection operations.  In six separate letters addressed to companies Binance, Bitfinex, Coinbase, Gemini, Kraken and […]

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Republicans’ Christmas Gift To Voters Is Helping Democrats Pass A Major Omnibus Spending Bill

Congressional Republican leaders are working in lockstep with their Democrat counterparts to pass a massive taxpayer-funded spending bill before the end of the year. The move comes immediately after a dozen Senate Republicans helped their Democrat colleagues advance a bill permitting radical leftists to wage […]

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Who Really Owns Big Digital Tech?

By now it should be perfectly clear that the most prominent Big Digital companies are not strictly private, for-profit companies. As I argued in Google Archipelago, they are also state apparatuses, or governmentalities, undertaking state functions, including censorship, propaganda, and surveillance. Katherine Boyle, “a general […]

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