ZuckBucks Election Rigger Announces Plan To Take Over Government Election Communications

A key operative in the Zuckerberg-funded scheme to take over government election offices during the 2020 election just announced his plan to provide public relations support for election workers facing increased scrutiny by voters. Democrat elections activist David Becker’s Election Official Legal Defense Network (EOLDN) announced it […]

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Federal IT Modernization Fund’s Financial Needs Draw Lawmaker Scrutiny

The United States federal government continues to struggle with outdated IT systems—causing cybersecurity risks, unmet mission needs and staffing issues—as well as efforts to modernize them, despite initiatives like the Technology Modernization Fund. At a House subcommittee hearing, members clashed over funding and oversight for […]

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Report: Michigan’s Education Department Is Urging Teachers To ‘Transition’ Kids Behind Parents’ Backs

A new program from Michigan’s Department of Education (MDOE) advocates for gender “fluidity” starting at the elementary school level and pushes educators to “facilitate the sexual transition of minors without parental consent,” according to a new bombshell report. After obtaining “videos and internal documentation from the […]

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When “Decolonialization” Creates More Problems than It Allegedly Solves

People across the globe are demanding that governments repudiate the legacies of colonialism. Some think that true independence requires liberation from colonial institutions, while for many, preserving colonial laws is indicative of mental enslavement. Such arguments are emotionally appealing but intellectually unsound. While one cannot […]

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