The Stupid War On Russian Literature

“Yes,” says the latest edition of The Economist, “the Russian literary canon is tainted by imperialism.” Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has called into question “not just the value of reading” Russian classics, says the magazine, “but also the morality.” As it happens, I’m a big […]

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French Fashion Designer Sued Over ‘Illegal’ Botticelli Ripoffs

Courtesy of Jean-Paul Gaultier ROME—French fashion’s bad boy Jean-Paul Gaultier is being sued by Italy’s prestigious Ufizzi Gallery after unleashing a collection of what some consider distasteful men’s and women’s clothing depicting the copyrighted masterpieces of Italian painter Sandro Botticelli. The line, which includes Botticelli’s […]

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Putin’s Megalomania Is to Blame For Massive ‘Strategic Errors’ in Ukraine, Says Top Spy

ILYA PITALEV/Getty Russian President Vladimir Putin’s unchallenged power has led to catastrophic “strategic errors” that have been a disaster for the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine, according to one of Britain’s most senior spy chiefs. Sir Jeremy Fleming, the head of the U.K.’s Government Communications Headquarters […]

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The Turkish Way

The Wall Street Journal reported on September 22 that Turkey’s central bank cut that country’s benchmark interest rate to 12 percent from 13 percent, pushing the Turkish lira lower as much as 0.4 percent against the dollar to a new record low after the decision. […]

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