By Burgess Everett and Marianne LeVine

GOP tries to neutralize Scott-McConnell ‘distraction’ amid battle for Senate

Senate Republicans are moving swiftly to contain potentially disastrous fallout from stubborn disagreements between Mitch McConnell and Rick Scott as the party labors to flip the Senate. Senate GOP leaders met for more than 45 minutes on Tuesday afternoon, their first gathering after an August […]

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Sinema signs onto Dems' party-line bill ahead of momentous Saturday vote

Senate Democrats cleared a huge hurdle Thursday night by securing Kyrsten Sinema’s support for a modified signature climate, tax and health care proposal, and will move forward on the legislation on Saturday. The Arizona Democratic centrist announced that she’s signed off on the legislation after […]

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‘Unwilling to accept defeat’: How Sinema and Murphy clinched guns deal for Dems

In a Washington run by Baby Boomers and octogenarians, it took two 40-something Democrats with a yin-and-yang approach to get a gun safety deal done. Chris Murphy had developed self-described “pessimism” in his decadelong quest to rein in gun violence. That’s where Kyrsten Sinema came […]

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