Belgians Reject African Female ‘Santa Claus’

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A city in Belgium has cancelled a scheduled Christmas event in which a black female ‘Santa Claus’ was set to reeducate attendees about “colonial ideology” and how “generations of Flemish people are racists.”

The Telegraph reports that people in Ghent have pressured the mayor to call off the appearance of one Queen Nikkolah, a character created by artist Laura Nsengiyumva, who would have ‘reworked’ Christmas fables about Santa for children at the event.

The report claims that the character was set to be dressed in the colours of the Palestinian flag (for some reason) while handing out gifts to children.

Ahead of the event which was scheduled for Wednesday, Queen Nikkolah announced “I dream of a Belgium liberated from colonial ideology and a society without discrimination.”

Conservatives in Belgium labelled the event “woker than woke,” with Nadia Sminate, a vice-chairman of the Flemish parliament, warning that “Queen Nikkolah’s initiative is actually saying that entire generations of Flemish people are racists.”

“There is nothing wrong with Sinterklaas, as we know him,” said Mathias de Clercq member of the Flemish liberal party, adding  “We shouldn’t try to turn him into something else.”

The report also notes that anti-racism protesters in both Belgium and Holland are campaigning to put an end to traditional celebrations of St Nicholas Day on Dec 6 that usually feature ‘Sinterklaas’ accompanied by Zwarte Piet – or Black Pete – a black-faced boy with curled-hair and large, painted on red lips.”

Geert Wilders, the Dutch populist who recently won the general election and is close to forming a coalition government in Holland, promised to bring back the tradition in his manifesto.

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