Biden's 'unity' claims already 'haunting' him

(WASHINGTON EXAMINER) — President-elect Joe Biden’s pitch for unity is sounding off-key as the Senate prepares to conduct its second impeachment trial of President Trump in a year, according to Republicans.

Biden voiced hopes the Republican Party would have a post-Trump “epiphany” shortly after he announced his candidacy in 2019. But almost two years later, he’s having his words used against him as Republicans grapple with Trump’s imminent departure from office.

Vice President Mike Pence set the tone when he urged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi not to “further divide and inflame the passions of the moment.” Pence wrote that in response to Pelosi’s 24-hour ultimatum that he invoke the Constitution’s 25th Amendment against Trump, or she would call House Democrats’ impeachment article against the president up for a vote.

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