Bill Maher Finds a Way to Blame Democrats for George Santos


Bill Maher closed out the 21st season premiere of HBO’s Real Time Friday night by taking on the scandals surrounding Rep. George Santos (R-NY). His big takeaway? Democrats are to blame for believing his many, many lies.

“Of course, we’ve seen liars before,” the host said of American politicians, “but it was always about tacking from the extreme to the center of your own party.” What Santos “pioneered,” he argued, is the idea that “since we’re all in our own hermetically sealed media bubbles,” he could “pretend to be everything to voters in both parties.”

While, on the one hand, Santos pandered to the right by going all in on Trump’s election lies, Maher claimed that the real reason he won his election is that he convinced the left to come out for him—something not exactly supported by evidence.

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Source: The Daily Beast

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