Billions of Google users must look for ‘blue button’ today – touch it once to avoid lifetime of regret

EVERY Google account owner should check their settings today.

There’s a blue button that can give you a serious privacy upgrade.

Look for this blue badge on your Google account


Look for this blue badge on your Google accountCredit: Google / The US Sun
Google offers suggestions to improve your privacy


Google offers suggestions to improve your privacyCredit: Google / The US Sun

It’s tucked away inside your account settings for your Google account.

The blue badge represents Privacy Suggestions, giving you instant improvements to your accounts.

It appears on your account if there are important changes that you can make.

Go to Google on a web browser and then tap on your profile picture.

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Then choose Manage Your Google Account.

This will take you to your account page, where you can see all of your Google info, as well as privacy and security settings.

You’ll see a blue badge with a G on it, and the option to click through to review your privacy settings.

Click that and you’ll get a chance to view and review some of your key settings.

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So much important info passes through Google that it’s too risky to ignore.

Your web activity and location can all be tracked via Google.

That means if someone gained access to your account, they’d be able to access huge amounts of extremely sensitive information.

Similarly if there was a leak at Google, that could also have the same dangerous consequences.

It could be a goldmine for stalkers or criminals who specialize in identity theft.

One of the suggestions may be to automatically delete your Web & App Activity.

This can scrub your data after a certain amount of time so there’s not an endless backlog of information about you stored on Google servers.

Another option may be to automatically delete your YouTube history.

It may also prompt you to set up Inactive Account Manager.

This lets you plan what happens to your data if you stop using your account.

It’s a convenient (but morbid) way to prepare your Google account for your own death.

The suggestions are personalized based on the Google services that you use the most.

So your own suggestions may be different to someone else’s.

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You can choose “not now” on any option to delay any of the privacy decisions.

But consider acting on the suggestions as soon as possible, considering how important your Google account is – and the information that it contains.

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