‘Blasphemous’ To Play Politics With Queen’s Funeral, Kremlin Says

The Kremlin has lashed out at the UK on Thursday after it was revealed days prior that London would not be inviting Russian officials to attend Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. Russia has responded by calling it “blasphemous” to play politics with a national tragedy and funeral service.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova started her Thursday statements confirming the prior reports: “The UK Foreign Office informed the Russian embassy in London of the decision to refrain from sending the Russian side, incl. leadership of the Russian embassy, invitations to mourning events in connection with the death of Queen Elizabeth II.”

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She said that Russia considers the snub an attempt to “use the national tragedy” for geopolitical purposes. As we detailed previously, Belarus as well as Myanmar and Syria are also among the very short list of those dignitaries and heads of state not invited. 

“For our part, we express our deep condolences to the British people in connection with the great loss that they faced,” Zakharova continued.

Earlier in the week a number of US media and international reports emphasized Russia and Belarus were blocked from attending state mourning events for Queen Elizabeth II as they are “responsible for the ongoing invasion of Ukraine.”

As Fox recounted of the significance, “The day of the Queen’s funeral will see a military procession carry her coffin from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey, where her service will be held. The report noted further: “It will be the first time a British monarch’s funeral has been held in the abbey since the 1700s.”

Britain is currently holding ten days of national mourning ahead of her burial on September 19, after she passed at the age of 96 on September 8 – despite appearing healthy only the day prior, stunning the world and paving the way for the accession of King Charles.

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