BLM Protester Pleads Guilty To Trying To Cut The Brake Lining Of NYPD Van

There is a plea in the case of a Black Lives Matter protester, Jeremy Trapp, 24, who tried to cut the brake line of a New York Police Department van last year because he wanted to hurt police. What is most interesting is that the vehicle crime was handed in the federal and not the state system. Moreover, the case may indicate a move away from the more severe charges used under the Trump Justice Department in such cases.

According to new sources, Trapp attended a BLM protest but decided that he wanted to harm officers. In his complaint, FBI Special Agent David J. Williams stated that Trapp reached out to the wrong person about his lethal desire. It turned out the person was an confidential informant and Trapp told the CI “that the police were racist, that he wanted to harm police officers and their supporters, and that he had previously been involved in destroying property and burning a police car.” He also allegedly reported made threats to attack the Verrazzanno Bridge


Source: Jonathan Turley

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