Boris Johnson Covid announcement: Public ‘WON’T accept PM’s claims’ over party scandal as Tory MPs call for him to QUIT

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THE PUBLIC “won’t accept” Boris Johnson’s claims that he thought the Downing Street garden party was a “work event” amid growing calls for the PM to quit.

Northern Ireland First Minister Paul Givan said the controversy surrounding the Prime Minister was proving a distraction to efforts to convey public health messaging in Northern Ireland.

“I don’t think the public accepted that justification, if it was an attempt to justify that this wasn’t a party and that it was work-related,” he said.

“So ultimately, Boris Johnson needs to be able to convince the general public, he also needs to be able to convince his own party. It is they who will decide the future of the Prime Minister. Either he takes a decision himself around his future or it’ll be the Conservative Party that will take that decision.

“And this report, I think, is going to be very important, which Sue Gray is responsible for. I think there is an imperative for that work to come to a conclusion so that we can all draw a line under this and ensure that the wider public health messaging is consistent, rather than being distracted by what’s going on at Downing Street.”

The news comes as Boris Johnson apologised to the Commons yesterday over his involvement in the Downing Street lockdown parties – but a number of Tory MPs are calling for him to quit.

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Source: The Sun

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