Bret Baier Wanted Fox to Rescind Arizona Call, ‘Put It Back’ in Trump’s ‘Column’

Alex Wong

Fox News chief political anchor Bret Baier wanted to “give into” then-President Donald Trump’s demands that the network reverse its correct 2020 election night call of Joe Biden winning Arizona, reportedly telling executives they should “put it back” in Trump’s “column.”

According to the new book The Divider, Baier emailed Fox News president Jay Wallace that the “Trump campaign was really pissed” about the channel’s vaunted Fox News Decision Desk’s projection of Arizona, adding that the situation was “really uncomfortable” because he personally keeps “having to defend this on air.” This detail from veteran journalists Peter Baker and Susan Glasser was first reported by Insider.

Baier, the face of Fox’s “straight news” division, then made the following plea to Wallace: “The sooner we pull it—even if it gives us major egg—and we put it back in his column the better we are in my opinion.”

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Source: The Daily Beast

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