Burger King fans are just realizing the restaurant has an entirely different name in Australia – it goes back to the 70s

BURGER King has been a staple of the American fast-food scene since 1953.

But many fans have no idea that the chain has a very different name in Australia.

Burger King has restaurants in over 100 countries


Burger King has restaurants in over 100 countriesCredit: Getty
But just in Australia, it is known as Hungry Jack's


But just in Australia, it is known as Hungry Jack’sCredit: Getty

Burger King opened its first-ever restaurant in 1953 in Miami-Dade, Florida – initially as Insta-Burger King.

Six years later, two new owners changed the name to Burger King, as it has been known ever since.

These days, Burger King restaurants and their recognizable logo can be found in 100 different countries.

But in just one country, these restaurants operate under an entirely different name. 

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Burger King began venturing outside of the continental US with a store in Puerto Rico in 1963.

By 1969, it was in Canada too, with a restaurant in the city of Windsor, Ontario.

Although far away, Australia would be the next country for Burger King to conquer.

But when Burger King moved down under, it found that its name was already trademarked by a small takeout store.

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As a result, the Australian franchisee, Jack Cowin, was given a list of names to choose from. 

He selected Hungry Jack’s as the name, perhaps in tribute to himself.

Cowin already had experience opening KFC franchises in Australia, a nation that otherwise had few fast food options.

In 1971, the first Burger King opened in Australia, under the name of Hungry Jack’s.


To this day, there are over 440 Hungry Jack’s restaurants in major cities like Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney.

The experience at these restaurants is very similar to that at Burger King.

Not only is the logo almost identical, but Hungry Jack’s also serves up signature meals like the Whopper beef burger.

But it does have some distinct menu items too, such as the Baconator, the Brekky Wrap, and the Grill Masters range of Angus beef burgers.

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