Candace Cameron Bure explains photo after critics said she lied about fast food

Candace Cameron Bure (Facebook)

Candace Cameron Bure (Facebook)

(FOX NEWS) — Candace Cameron Bure is responding to critics who claim she, in fact, has eaten fast food in the last 20 years.

Earlier this month, the Christmas movie queen shared that she hasn’t had any fast food except for West Coast burger chain In-N-Out in two decades, prompting trolls to unearth a 2012 since-deleted social media photo she snapped of her holding a Chick-fil-A cup in a car with her son. “We love Chikin!” she captioned the post.

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“I haven’t eaten fast food except for In-N-Out in 20 years,” Bure wrote on a May 15 Instagram story, according to reports. “Some days I wonder what a burger and fries is like from McDonalds or Burger King or Wendy’s or any of those other places I’ve never eaten at … Am I going to find out? No!”

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