A CORONERS report says Caroline Crouch’s husband ‘strangled her to death for FIVE minutes’ after he was formally charged with murder.

Police say Caroline’s Greek spouse admitted killing his British wife – just weeks after he claimed she died during a brutal invasion of the couple’s home – even creating a gruesome crime scene to cover his tracks.

However Babis Anagnostopoulos, 33, told how he smothered his British-born wife by smothering her to death following an eight hour interrogation by Athens homicide detectives.

Following his confession, cops described Babis as a “top class actor” for staging his elaborate crime scene and playing the grieving widower for over a month.

And on Friday, Babis appeared in court where he was officially charged with Caroline’s murder – and was seen wearing a bulletproof vest during the hearing due to public anger over his gruesome crimes.

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Source: The Sun

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