CASPER the friendly dog gives a big grin — while Romeo the cat scowls.

But opposites attract, as six-year-old smiley Samoyed Casper is best pals with grumpy looking Himalayan Persian puss Romeo, two.


Casper is still smiling despite grumpy backseat driver Romeo[/caption]


It seems that opposites really do attract[/caption]

These adorable fur-siblings with pristine white coats have become Instagram stars due to their completely different facial expressions and antics.

They live a fun-filled life with owner Rinsa Li, 29, from Christchurch, New Zealand and travel around the countryside together.

Rinsa said: “It’s so humbling


The cat is the hat as Romeo hitches a ride with Casper[/caption]


At least Casper seems to be enjoying a day on the beach[/caption]

Source: The Sun

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